Ford F-150 Price (1980 Vs 2021), Silver, And CPI Inflation “Data” (More Like CPI Inflation “Lies”)

And to think, the system apologists get all offended when one questions the legitimacy of the data…

(by Half Dollar) This morning, I wrote about the government’s latest inflation report.

I specifically spent some time discussing new vehicles, and I’d like to extrapolate the point even further.

According to JD Power, in 1980, the retail price for a new Ford F-150 was $5,782:

In other words, that was the price you paid for your basic Ford pick-up truck for basic Ford pick-up truck type work.

And since everybody’s talking about the CPI today, let’s have some fun with the official CPI Inflation Calculator, which is on the BLS’s own website, and let’s see what the buying power of $5,782 would be in 2021:

According to the BLS, the buying power is just over twenty grand.

Now, let’s see what kind of Ford F-150 we can get in 2021, brand spankin’ new, for just over $20K:


We can’t.

We can’t even come close to being able to purchase the most basic of Ford F-150 trucks.

Let’s shift our attention over to silver.

Oddly enough, silver hit its all-time record high in January of 1980, at, call it, fifty bucks.

Let’s consult the CPI Inflation Calculator again to see what the buying power of fifty bucks is in 2021:


That’s great news if you’re a buyer of silver in August of 2021 because I’m pretty sure you can get a lot more than just one single ounce for $175!

Of course, this highlights the absurdity of our “markets”, the absurdity of our collapsing economy, and, more importantly, the extremes to which the Cartel will go to in order to keep silver in check.

I keep saying that silver is not going to rally like everybody thinks silver is going to rally.

Because if there is one thing the Deep State (Globalists or American) fear more than anything else in the entire world, it’s silver.

Although it’s getting harder and harder to maintain the lies passed off as statistics…