Everybody Is Certain Gold & Silver Are Set For Imminent Launch To Start 2022

A funny thing happens when everybody is so sure of something…

(by Half Dollar) Happy New Year!

On the surface, for myriad reasons, gold & silver should be skyrocketing in price right now.

Off the top of my head, to offer just a tiny number of reasons, here’s what the so-called “experts” are saying:

  • The “Tax Loss Sellers” have already sold and are now (supposedly) buyers in the new year.
  • The gold & silver chart technicals are supportive of a big move to the upside.
  • It’s 2022 and that means the Total Game Changer Of Basel III is here, or coming, or something.
  • Fundamental drivers, such as price inflation, supply chain disruptions, fiscal & monetary policies, energy & infrastructure programs and more, are all tailwinds for the precious metals.
  • Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

There is a crapton I could say about all of those things and more, but for efficiency’s sake, and for the fact that I haven’t really decided if I will be doing so much hand-holding or not this year when it comes to gold, silver, the markets and the economy, suffice it to say that last week I said a lot about 2022 in an interview with an actual Silver Advocate.

Which can be viewed in its entirety right here:

Needless to say, everybody knows ‘Ol Half Dollar’s call.

Gold is beginning 2022 with a Beyond Phony Money price of around $1825:

At what price does excitement come storming back into the gold market?

At whatever price it is, silver will need that kind of a move and then some:

I mean, why waste energy on a move to $25 or $26?

Energy is better spent working on one’s 2022 goals.

People that don’t have any are already behind…