Every Silver Bug, Stacker Or Other Smart Investor Should Be ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED By This! They Should Also Call People Out For It!

This is not silver “advocacy” in any way. This is an absolute disgrace…

(by Half Dollar) There’s not a whole lot of use and pretty much zero truth in the news these days.

I mean, people still believe that man landed on the moon.


I scan the news for a second or two, and only to skim the headlines.

Anyway, this morning, in scanning the “investment news”, which nowadays is mostly nothing more than terrible, bad, or less bad advertising, I came across something that immediately induced vomiting, and I’d like to share it with you, not because I hope that you vomit, although that would be kind of funny, but because it is yet another example of silver anti-advocacy that needs to be called out for what it is.

It has to do with an article over at Streetwise Reports, which immediately caught my eye, and my breakfast, and yes, on the surface, the article draws the reader in with advocacy, or awareness, or something, including the much played-out references to our debt, the dollar, inflation, and so on, and so forth, but beyond the generic talking points is something akin to a sleazy used car salesman selling a clunker that has been totaled once and flooded twice for way over market value.


First came the title, captured by screenshot:

Then came the puking, before I even dug into the article.

Now, I hate to get all vulgar and stuff, but I’ve got to get vulgar in order to make a point, so please excuse me in advance when I say this: “Owning a silver exploration company” is to “owning silver” as “pissing a kidney stone” is to “owning a can of beans”.

Or is it not?

Of course, the pumping of worthless penny stocks was part of the movement from the very beginning, has been part of the movement from the very beginning, and continues to be part of the movement to this very day:

Or does it not?

I will not pump.

And there may have been a time when I didn’t know any better and did, but not any more.

Regardless, this is just one of the reasons why their so-called “silver squeeze” can not, and will not, succeed.

But that’s the topic for a different article on some other day, for today we’re talking about causing extreme harm to investors, and since some investors are Silver Bugs, Stackers, and other Smart Investors, this crap must be called out.

Besides, that’s what the Silver Squeezers do: They call people out.

Now, new investors believe this crap, and they believe what the phonies, or the dang liars at best, such as Rick Rule, say about silver, because new people don’t know any better, for they are just learning, and when they hear this kind of crap and come to think of it as the truth, well now, that’s one of the ways that a person’s trading account blows up.

Or life savings.

Or whatever.

Of course, everybody is responsible for blowing up his or her own trading account on his or her own, and nobody is a real trader unless he or she has blown up a trading account, and I take responsibility for blowing up mine, but when a person repeatedly denies the manipulation, such as the repeated denials and flat-out open mocking of Silver Bugs by Rick Rule (see article linked above), or when there is an effort to equate a worthless penny stock to owning silver, at least some of the blame lies in the very people that get propped up on a soap box in the Echo Chamber.

But wait, there’s more!

That’s right folks, because I don’t want any of the Haters and Trolls out there, paid or otherwise, thinking ‘Ol Half Dollar’s just got some grudge or something.

I don’t.

I simply feel it is my duty to warn people about this kind of crap, because not only does it not do any good, it is actually detrimental to the advocacy of silver.

So here are just a few choice selections from the article to prove the point.

First, check out this paragraph (bold added for emphasis and commentary):

Reyna Silver’s CEO Jorge Ramiro Monroy noted that two of the company’s Mexico projects, Guigui and Batopilas (the company also has projects in the U.S.) are past-producing projects with potential for high grade and district scale. They were previously part of MAG Silver Corp.’s portfolio.

The ironic thing about that is that I didn’t see this article over at Streetwise Reports until this morning, and just yesterday, in my market outlook, without prior knowledge of the Streetwise article, I wrote this:

Note To Self: Start an “exploration company”, call it “Mineral Extraction Associates”, change its name to “DescubriPlata”, offer a “Legendary Billionaire Investor” a so-called “private placement”, with warrants and a bunch of other big, fat & juicy profit stuff, get said Legendary Billionaire Investor to say a couple of sweet things about my company, change my company’s name to “Silver Discovery Triple Associates Consortium”, go by the common name of “Silver Discovery Associates”, get listed with the ticker symbol “STAC”, pay Phonies, Pseudo-Advocates and Wannabe Contrarians to interview me and pump my penny stock in the rigged casino, and then laugh at the Brainwashed Masses, the Walmart Zombies and the Sheeple all the way to the bank as my deal with the “major” falls through, oh geez, oops, and my company ultimately goes into bankruptcy, only to cease to exist entirely, or to be bought-out by the next hottest explorer.

Seems like I wasn’t all that far off.

Was I?

Here’s some more from the disgusting article (theirs, not mine, with bold added for emphasis and commentary):

Certainly with Reyna Silver, the focus is on high margin, which, according to Megaw, encompasses size, grade and profitability. He looks for high enough grades so the deposit generates cash flow under the worst conditions, when the commodity price is low for instance or operational costs are high due to inflation, and looks for a big enough size so the company has a good profit margin for at least two market cycles.

That paragraph is so disingenuous.

First of all, if you understand that the silver market is manipulated, with the main focus of the manipulation being on price suppression, you will understand that the silver miners have basically been high-grading anything and everything they could for arguably at least the last two decades.

Search it up on YouTube.

You will find example after example of silver mining companies talking about how they have been high-grading silver.

Over and over and over and over and over again.

Year after year after year after year.

Especially in Mexico.

Here’s just one single example, from the CEO of Excellon Resources, recorded in early 2018, discussing how not only did Excellon Resources have the highest-grade silver mine in Mexico, but that the mining company had been high-grading its high-grade mines and exploring for high-grade silver in Mexico for 20 years:

Now I may not be the smartest lightbulb in the tool shed, but according to my math, since that interview was recorded in 2018, that’s like, 23 years of exploring for the good stuff!

And that’s just one single company doing it!

But now all of the sudden, there’s all of this high grade stuff just sitting in the already mined-out silver mines in Mexico that somehow nobody else could ever discover, let alone dig out of the ground?

Uh, okay.

Sure there is.

Because Reyna Silver Corp is so big and bad like that, that their crew is going to find all of this high grade stuff just oozing out of the rock that they can literally just pull it out of the ground with their bare hands!

Other silver miners haven’t been able to find silver for decades, but rest assured, Reyna Silver Corp is on it!

Of course, I’ve heard Mexico is a great place to set up a Unicorn Farm in the state of Rainbow, so there’s that too.

Here’s another part of the article that almost induced vomiting for a second time (bold and bold added for emphasis and commentary):

At the request of its investors in the United States, Reyna Silver recently listed on the OTCQX, the best of the three marketplaces for trading over-the-counter stocks, he noted.


Trading penny stocks is not the same thing as investing, and the only thing that comes about from such a paragraph is confusion on any newbie investor, and since I am a Silver Bug, I feel I have got to protect newbie silver investors.

Alternatively, said “investors” who requested the OTB OTC listing need to sell their stakes and get the heck out of their positions with Reyna Silver Corp, so they’re looking for some newbies who don’t know any better.

Here’s the overall point: Owning a silver exploration company is absolutely not the same thing as owning silver.

If you support this kind of crap, if you pump this kind of crap, or if you promote this kind of crap, then your actions are one of the very specific reasons why the manipulation of silver has not ended.

You know who you are, and interestingly, since Silver Doctors is getting hit really, really hard again right now by the fascist-totalitarian censors, I may be able to speak my mind sooner than later, and people are really going to look stupid.

Very stupid.

If you want to end the manipulation of silver, there is only one single way to do it: Starve the Beast.

That does not mean that a person can never own a stock ever again, but it does mean, until the Beast succumbs to the starvation, that a person must not buy any stocks at all in the financial “markets”, much less worthless penny stocks, because that exact action is spoonfeeding the Beast, nurturing the Beast, and allowing the Beast to grow even stronger.

In fact, beyond not buying stocks, the right thing to do, the moral thing to do, the ethical thing to do, and the just thing to do, is to sell each and every stock that one owns, assuming a person is good and wants to help put an end to the evil madness that rules our financial world.

Owning a silver exploration company is the same thing as owning silver?

Dang shame silver “advocates”.

Dang shame…