It’s not enough to say the markets are feeling downright nervous because these moves are turning into brute force with MASSIVE REPRICING, and today, there is major movement in the dollar, gold and silver…

The dollar is down to new lows and now with a 91 handle:




We wonder where the support is when the dollar took off from 80 in June, 2014:



Gold is the safe haven of choice:



And silver is the safe haven of choice on steroids:



Here’s what is necessary to keep in mind:


Looking at the daily on silver, there is some resistance around $18.25, and major resistance around $18.50. Seeing that we have just shot up a greenback in a couple of days, this does not mean we will just storm the lines and over-run the resistance. Good news is that since bottoming out at $15.14 in July, we have had two healthy pullbacks. What is worrisome, however, is that the RSI is beginning to signal “overbought”.

If we are rooting for anything this week, it would be nice to see silver hold at $18, because with a dollar move in two days, there is a bunch of factors, both technical and fundamental in nature, that could cause another dollar move before the week is up. If silver breaks-out to $19, that would be the time to get bullish. If it breaks down to $17, that may be the time to back-up the truck and load up on physical while the getting is good.


As the days go by, the 52-week highs will be taken out all on their own even if gold consolidates here. We recognize, however, there has been very little consolidation in the metals this year. It has been going up, or going down. With geo-political tensions and mother nature reaching a climax this week, some consolidation would be welcome in somewhat of a figurative and literal calm before the storm.

If gold drops from here, silver has room to run, if gold consolidates from here, silver has room to run, and if gold rises in price from here, silver still has room to run. The strength in the yellow metal has not been shown in the white metal, even though it has been shown in literally every other metal, base, industrial or precious. We keep highlighting the fact that the price of three of the four precious metals averages over $1000, and today, the average price for gold, palladium and platinum is over $1,100. Even when we average in silver to get an average price of all four precious metals, we still have an average price of $832.

When we talk about the absolute cheapest asset on the entire planet, there is a reason for that. How long silver remains to have the price suppressed is the question we are all trying to answer, but trying to time purchases for $.50 savings of downside price action could end up in paying $1 more based on just what we have seen in the last few days.

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