Did Kitco Just Rewrite Today’s Silver Chart?

silver chartThe precious metals community has been abuzz this afternoon with an apparent overnight discrepancy in the silver chart published by the industry’s most widely recognized charting service. 
After displaying a 2 hour gap in the price of silver during London trading this morning, kitco appears to have simply scribbled lines to concoct and reconstruct the gap:

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Here is the screen shot grab of Kitco silver charts that took place around 4-8 AM NYT.  The gold chart was almost identical but I dont have that one at hand.   Rest assured, when I went to Kitco this AM to check the charts, the patterns were virtually identical.   The scribbles that were used to fill in that gap were also identical in pattern flow and sent in my prior emails.
Given 24/7 FUBARS and SNAFUs’ in the precious metal sector when things go boom, there may be nothing to make of the action at present



silver chart

whoever made the 1st attempt to scribble something on the chart forgot to connect the lines:



And a screen shot of the updated chart after subsequent scribbling:

“Paint the Tape” seems to have a new connotation…

h/t AGXIIK & Craig Hemke

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