This Development Suggests Gold and Silver Prices Are Going to Plow Higher – James Turk

snow higherLong term, We’ve had major developments this year.  To me, the most significant one is that the 5 year down trend in silver has been broken to the upside.
It suggests that precious metals are going to PLOW higher into the end of the year…


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From Craig Hemke, TFMetals Report:


Among the points Mr. Turk discusses:

  • The short-term paper market conditions as well as physical metal issues on the ground in London and elsewhere
  • The sham of ETF gold “ownership” and the fallacy of the 580 mts allegedly added to gold ETFs in 2016
  • How much longer the BoJ and other central banks can continued their failed cash-printing policies
  • Are royalty companies preferred investments in the metals sector

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