Delayed Pain: Why Exactly Would The Cartel Not Wait Until Sunday Night, May 2, To Take Silver Behind The Woodshed?

There are many reasons the Cartel is about to give silver a good old-fashioned pummeling, and this time, the reasons have nothing to do with madness…

(by Half Dollar) I’m still bearish on silver in the short-term for several reasons (three listed below) that nobody seems willing to discuss, but these reasons are indeed various elephants in the room, and since there are so many people who are new to silver, somebody has to say something.

And I guess that somebody is me, because I don’t really care about popularity, much less do I care about brownie points, which don’t even matter anyway, because the old school doesn’t like me, the new school doesn’t like me, the mainstream can’t tolerate me and the wannabe alternative-media & the pseudo-contrarians simply don’t get it.

Or me.

So be it.


Where’s the capitulation in silver?

I haven’t seen it yet.

You can’t have a bottom until you have a washout capitulation!


It’s funny how people cherry pick their timing for when the charts do, or do not, matter.

Most Chart Huggers and certainly all Technical Analysts will argue that charts matter 100% of the time, charts matter to the Newsletter Writers because they have special insight, you know, and they need to sell you a subscription, and the charts matter to So and So because of blah, blah, blah.

Well, if the charts matter, then why is everybody ignoring silver’s impending “death cross”?


Everybody and their brother is aware of this week’s Silver Raid, the Silver Squeeze 2.0, the Mayday Massacre Remembrance, or the Whatever You Want To Call It.

There’s no sneak attack taking place, for there is only brute force, and don’t get me wrong, brute force will work, but only in conjunction with Starving the Beast.

There is only one way to end the manipulative price suppression of silver: Starve the Beast.

That’s something that’s lost on or conveniently avoided by the ulterior motive-driven Reddit mining stock pumpers who shout “end the silver manipulation” and “buy these miners & ETFs” in the same breath.

But I digress.

Here’s the honest, uncomfortable question: Why exactly would the Cartel not let people purchase their silver now, and possibly even bid up silver’s price, especially by gambling in the rigged casino, only for the Cartel to then come in and bring the hammer after those who were willing and able to participate have, well, participated?

You see, the Cartel has unlimited money and time on its side, a force which can’t be reckoned with, much less fought against.

By the Cartel letting the so-called Silver Squeeze crowd have at it with their purchases, Silver Bugs, Stackers, and other Smart Investors get less actual physical silver for the same amount of dollars, all things considered, and as for the gambler in the rigged casino, well, he gets wiped out, as per standard Cartel operating procedure.

In other words, if I’m the Cartel, and you are telling me that you are going to buy all the physical silver you can on May 1, then I’m waiting until May 2 to really bring the pain.

Said differently, why put silver on sale when the there is a highly telegraphed group buy taking place?

Furthermore, we must also assume that some shady, sketchy people were front-running the group buy, meaning, the buying could already be exhausted.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, it seems like the joke is on the May 1 silver buyers, because if Armchair Quarterbacks, Analysts, Apologists, Enablers, Experts, Gamblers, Gurus, Pundits, Traders and Worse front ran the May 1 mass purchase, wouldn’t that mean those same shady, sketchy people with ulterior motives are selling into the group buy crowd at a profit, essentially milking the group buy crowd for some easy, sleazy winnings in the rigged casino?”.

Yeah, only it’s not a very funny joke.

It’s a dang shame.

Stack accordingly,

Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart