David Morgan: The U.S. May Look Good On Paper But WE ARE FAILING And COLLAPSING

David Morgan is dropping some serious truth bombs as to the true state of the U.S. economy. Here’s just how bad things really are…

Editor’s Note: Sound in intro video not audible so video started right at point of interview.


David Morgan interviewed on Reluctant Preppers

Are global hot-spot eruptions more likely to cause flight to the US Dollar, or precious metals, or both – and in what order? Despite what the mainstream media and government stats claim, what obvious signs of our true economic health or ill are right in front of our eyes if we will only awaken?

David Morgan, renowned silver guru and author of “The Silver Manifesto,” returns to Reluctant Preppers to advise us to “choose the red pill” of awareness to the truth, and to prepare accordingly. Morgan also guides us through a deep-dive into the 2-year silver price chart to identify a technical pattern set-up that signals a likely major move ahead!

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