David Morgan: The “Oh My” Moment Is Coming For Silver

David says that right now the people are brainwashed, but the “oh my” moment is coming when the people will return to gold & silver…

David Morgan interviewed by World Alternative Media

Josh Sigurdson and John Sneisen talk with David Morgan of The Morgan Report, also known as the Silver Guru.

David Morgan is one of the most knowledgeable people on the planet when it comes to silver as well as gold. He’s written the book ‘The Silver Manifesto’ and does regular reporting on everything silver.

In this interview, David Morgan goes into how incredibly undervalued silver is, the silver/gold ratio, the manipulation of gold and silver markets by big banks and governments, why it concerns the establishment and the inevitable fall of the fiat centrally planned system.

He also explains why people should consider silver for their portfolio. We cannot forget that silver and gold have been history’s greatest monies.

With gold recently breaking its 7 year bear trend, it’s recently seen one of the biggest rallies in 7 years. Silver shows even more potential considering historical charts. There’s something happening. Could it be the monetary revolution we’ve been talking about for so long?

The fiat system always comes crashing down and this time won’t be any different. The banks have attempted to suppress the price of gold and silver and they can’t seem to manage it much longer. As a wealth insurance, silver and gold are set to take off in 2018 (though the banks may have a few other plans up their sleeves, we simply don’t know yet) and while people pull out of the bond markets, the fiat system, the centralized systems in general, they’re flocking to gold, silver, palladium, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, EOS, etc.

David Morgan also breaks down why he does what he does. According to him, he envisioned his daughter when she was a baby all grown up asking him why if he knew so much about the monetary system, he didn’t do anything about it. That has propelled David to be a powerful voice for free markets and sound money. Again, it all comes down to being the change we wish to see in the world.