David Morgan: IT IS A GRAVE MISTAKE Not To Have Silver As Bear Market Is Finally At Its End

David says there could be another $1 decline in the silver price from here, but silver is more likely to go to $140 than down a buck. Here’s more…

David Morgan interviewed on SBTV

We spoke with David Morgan of the Morgan Report(https://www.themorganreport.com) on SBTV to get his take on the silver market at this moment. Is the bear market already priced in the silver price? Being ‘gut honest’, David believes the risk-reward in silver right now is ‘unbelievably tasty’ and everyone who does not have a position in silver is making a grave mistake.

Discussed in this interview:
03:06 David Morgan’s reaction to the Nixon Shock of 1971.
06:31 Chances for the return of the Gold Standard.
10:08 Stock market exuberance a mirage?
12:07 More debt today than in 2008.
17:46 Bottom priced in for silver price?
22:11 Commercials now long in silver.
27:09 $100 silver still on the table?
30:07 What if we are on a Silver Standard?
33:28 View on cryptocurrencies.
35:45 Lode coin cryptographic silver monetary system.
38:00 Do cryptocurrencies have intrinsic value?