Craig Hemke: Widening Spot Price Vs Futures Contract Spreads In Silver Now?

Just like we saw in gold in March, unnatural things are happening in silver right now, and widening spreads are just one of the things that have our attention…

Craig Hemke of TF Metals Report interviewed by Half Dollar of Silver Doctors

Back in March, we saw some crazy developments in the paper versus physical gold markets, so much so, that it sent New York and London scrambling, and now, we’re seeing the same crazy developments in silver.

What are we to make of the widening spreads in silver?

Craig Hemke joins Silver Doctors Wednesday for a discussion on that, and a whole lot more.

Some of the topics in today’s discussion include:

It looks like we have some pretty tough resistance at $1800 in gold. What is Craig looking at in regards to the yellow metal?

Are gold & silver performing as Craig has expected in 2020, and has Craig changed his outlook for the year in light of the human malware?

What is Craig’s assessment of the silver market in mid-2020 now that silver’s on the move?

What does Craig make of the monster stock market rally? Are stocks really going to keep on soaring if recovery on Main Street is either non-existent or takes longer than analysts expect?

What’s on Craig’s radar moving into Summer?

For discussion on all of those topics and a whole lot more, tune-in to the interview in its entirety:


About the Interviewer

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