Craig Hemke: Silver Price Rises On Strong ETF Demand…What Happens Next?

Silver has been rallying and passed $19 until a big spike down on Thursday, but where do things really stand?

by Chris Marcus with Craig Hemke via Arcadia Economics

Silver has been rallying, recently reaching past $19 per ounce until a big spike down on Thursday. Although fortunately Craig Hemke of TF Metals joined me on the show to give an update on the move, and where things stand in the bigger picture.

Craig’s one of the more informed silver analysts out there, and he talked about what’s driving the rally, the large additions into the SLV silver trust, and why the Fed is backed into a corner. He also commented on why the shares seem to be lagging in the rally, but how if the silver price even stays where it is, money managers will soon be looking for exposure.

So with silver up quite a bit over the past few months, to understand how to be prepared for what happens next, click to watch the video now!

Chris Marcus