Confused About The Price Action Of Silver? Step Out Of The Echo Chamber And Take Off The Blinders!

The beatings will continue until morale improves?

(by Half Dollar) Here’s the question: Should we even be getting angry, much less mad, at the bullion banks, the COMEX, the LBMA, the CFTC, the SEC, and all of those other gold & silver price rigging entities?

After all, they’re just doing what they do.


Doesn’t matter.

I can’t even say the “United” States is hurtling towards fascist-totalitarianism anymore.

We’re already there.

Not that anybody cares, of course.

Although one day people will care, when there’s no more corner to get backed into, and then the fun really begins!

That is to say, once Joe Deplorable snaps, it’s going to get pretty crazy in America, and both branches of the Deep State, the Deep State Globalists and the Deep State Americans, are doing such a spectacular job that we’re nearly there.

I mean, just listen to “President” Biden talking about today’s Jobs Report, even though that’s barely what he was talking about:

“It’s a pandemic of the (fill in the blank)”.

“We have to get more people (fill in the blank)”.


I did, however, make it all the way until the 9:43 mark before throwing up a little bit in my mouth and having to abruptly click ‘pause’, and I do think that’s like a personal record or something.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, is there any good news this week?”.

Why yes, there is!

The Cartel has been going to town on platinum lately:

So at least one of the precious metals is having an even bigger sale right now!

Perhaps the Cartel is trying to entice people to purchase platinum instead of silver?

The Cartel is, after all, scrambling to get real physical silver to market, and the Cartel needs all of the help it can get, which means if they need to ease up on platinum, they will.

Naturally, because I’m a Silver Bug, I’d prefer to convert my excess savings into silver:

But for one reason or another, the Cartel isn’t really being all that kind right now.

Gold opened the year 2021 above $1900:

Good thing we’ve got that Basel III game changer coming up!

You see, the problem with the precious metals right now is that they are nowhere near their “back-up the truck” prices:

Another problem is that everybody’s still too dang bullish.

Said differently, there’s a reason I have been writing about the importance of capitulation lately:

Imagine just how close we’ll be if they hit gold & silver right out of the gates next week!

They added copper to the now Microsoft-owned game of Minecraft:

Guess which metal is still not in the game after all of these years and dozens of updates?

I read somewhere about jet fuel shortages causing problems for some airlines and airports:

Is that Newspeak for “don’t expect to benefit from falling crude oil prices”?

Speaking of falling prices:

Just kidding.

Because there’s nothing to worry about in the stock market:

Why do people keep calling for stock market crashes, again?

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, that doesn’t even make any sense because you were calling for a stock market crash back in the Spring you big doofus!”.

Yeah, well, check this out:

If the MSM Propagandists are going to be pushing the “booming economy” narrative hard next week, as odd as that sounds with the whole Zombie Apocalypse thingy worsening, then I’d be looking for a bounce in yield.

Speaking of a bounce:

If the dollar is given follow-through momentum, next week could be downright painful.

The beatings will continue until morale improves?

Thanks for reading.

Stack accordingly,

Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart