Commodities Futures Expert Warns Commercial Signal Failure May Be In Progress

panicThis commodities futures trader who has witnessed 3 commercial signal failures during his extensive trading career warns that a Commercial Signal Failure in silver may be in progress…


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Submitted by JB Slear, Fort Wealth:

We have a New World Record with Silver’s Open Interest being above 205,000 contracts… Go Cartel, you can do it !!…

Drive that price lower, that will scare all of us buyers … yup, it’s worked before hasn’t it??

LOLOL … for those of you that do not or have not been in a futures contract that had a Commercial Signal Failure in it, you missed out on the Corn, Wheat, and Soy Beans markets of the 1990’s, when very bad weather struck the bread basket.

This Silver market has all the proper elements that dictate the commercials being on the wrong side of reality, especially after Deutsche Bank’s admittance to the manipulations ….

I’ve been on a few Commercial Signal Failures in the past, plan on being on another one soon enough … this may be happening right now, it depends on what unfolds in the next few days, so stay tooned!

JB Slear
Fort Wealth Trading Co LLC.

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