COMEX Faces Staggering Delivery Requests on March Contracts

All signs indicate that the Gold and Silver Futures markets are coming under increasing stress as a delivery vehicle….

Samuel Briggs via Kinesis

Andrew Maguire and Craig Hemke, TFMetalsReport, break down the huge delivery requests on March COMEX contracts.

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An inspection of the March Gold and Silver Futures delivery requests reveal unprecedented numbers for what is typically a sleepy month on the COMEX.

March Gold Contracts

Historically, the March contract presents very little volume or open interest. However, as the month draws to a close, we are observing huge delivery requests on the Gold Futures (GC) market. With only a few trading sessions remaining before March contracts expire, there are more than 29 tonnes of gold standing for delivery.

March Silver Contracts

In terms of March silver delivery contracts, there are 11,000 open contracts representing over 1000 tonnes of physical silver. To put that into perspective, the current figure is already 300 tonnes higer than the December contract, the biggest delivery month of the year to date.

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Previous March Delivery Requests

A look back at previous March contracts underlines the significant uptake in delivery obligations targeted at the COMEX.

Around the time the paper market broke, the COMEX delivered close to 2,900 March contracts. At the time, this level of delivery demand was extraordinary, with all March deliveries from 2015 to 2019 combined standing at around 800.

As the March 2021 contract closes, we’re approaching an astonishing 10,000 contracts. With the exception of last year, the March 2021 delivery orders are set to be around 25 times the average.

A cursory glance at these statistics shows the delivery requests on the COMEX have soared. According to Andrew Maguire and Craig Hemke, all signs indicate that the Gold and Silver Futures markets are coming under increasing stress as a delivery vehicle.

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