Central Banks: Preparing to PRINT

banksThey know EXACTLY what they are doing.
The mandate of any central bank is to confiscate as much wealth as possible from the citizens…


From Rory Hall, The Daily Coin:

Anyone that has been following our declining global economy and the failures of the central banks around the world understands these criminals are 100% evil genius. While some say they have no idea what they are doing, I would argue they know exactly what they are doing. The mandate of any central bank is to confiscate as much wealth as possible from the citizens.


This morning we have two different mainstream media articles that point in opposite directions. Who controls the mainstream media? The same people that control all the important land, all the important corporations and have a hand in determining the direction and outcome of the “big picture”.

These two articles, when viewed individually, seem to point in opposite directions. However, this is merely a distraction to keep people off guard and guessing as to what will happen next or how the next moves will be played. There are only two possible moves left for the central banks – raise interest rates and blow apart the current system or create more digits-on-a-screen to inflate balance sheets around the world. By inflating balance sheets this creates the illusion that everything is fine and the system is working well.

First up, we find Reuters reporting:

Far from stepping back, top central banks are set to double down

Central banks’ repeated warnings that there are limits to what they can do to bolster the sputtering world economy could suggest they are about to pull back and pass the baton to governments.

But a steady flow of research and a new tone in the debate among policymakers and advisers points in a different direction: rather than retreat, central banks are preparing for the day they may need to do more, even at the risk of antagonizing politicians who argue they already have too much power.

The shift can be seen in the acknowledgment by Federal Reserve policymakers that their massive $4 trillion balance sheet will not shrink anytime soon, or that asset buying may become a “recurrent” tool of future monetary policy. It can be seen in the comments of Bank of England officials who talk of crisis-fighting tools as now semi-permanent fixtures, or in the Bank of Japan developing a new monetary policy framework, in this case targeting long-term market interest rates.

Driving those developments is an emerging consensus among policymakers who now acknowledge that the global financial crisis has led to a fundamental shift toward low inflation, tepid growth, lagging productivity and interest rates stuck near zero.

“We could be stuck in a new longer-run equilibrium characterized by sluggish growth and recurrent reliance on unconventional monetary policy,” Fed Vice Chair Stanley Fischer said last week.

1 oz Silver RoundsThe title of article says it all. The central banks are going to “double-down”. Appropriate term as it is a gambling term used when someone doubles their bet in hopes of hitting it big with the flip of the next card. The only problem is, sometimes it works, sometimes it’s a bust. These people are discussing our future, our currency and our economy as if it is some kind of game with little to no consequences for the citizens.

As you can see the argument being made is one of “damn the torpedo’s, full steam ahead” and we don’t care what anyone thinks or says.

Here is the other side of the argument being made by Market Watch:

Central banks ‘have never been on thinner ice’

The global financial elite has soured on global central bank policy, believing that it’s now counterproductive, doing more harm than good.

That was the message on the sidelines of the International Monetary Fund’s annual meeting in Washington, where in informal survey of more than 100 bankers found more than 70% saying monetary policy is now part of the problem instead of a solution.

“The biggest problem that monetary policy makers face is…they’ve never been more powerful and more prestigious,” said Paul Tucker, a former Bank of England official now at Harvard University. “They’ve never known less — in our lifetimes, at least) about what is going on in the real economy, and therefore they’ve never been on thinner ice.”

Governments, Tucker said, are now content to sit on the sidelines knowing that central bankers will try stimulate economies through steps such as interest-rate setting and bond buying.

“The mood of this annual meeting is very much focusing on this issue, which I think at last has come,” Tucker said on a panel sponsored by the Institute of International Finance. “It’s a good thing.”

Being the only game in town, agreed former Bank of Israel head Jacob Frankel, is extremely dangerous. Keeping interest rates too low for too long, he said, “can create big problems, and they can come back to haunt us.”

In this short excerpt they manage to get one thing 100% correct – They’ve never known less — in our lifetimes, at least about what is going on in the real economy. The people that make the rules have no clue what is happening at ground zero. They have no clue what average citizens deal with on a day-to-day basis. Great privilege comes in many forms, not just wealth and all these various forms are combined they create a sense of entitlement unlike we will ever know or understand. These people were born into great privilege and that is all they have ever known.

The idea behind this “counter-argument” is to convince readers the central banks have their hands tied. Nothing could be further from the truth. These criminals make up the rules. If the current set of rules no longer work, they simply re-write them to make them fit their need. We have seen this a number of times over the course of our lifetime.

The rules are made to keep people ignorant of what is happening and confuse people in order to hide the theft that is happening in broad daylight. The repeal of Glass-Stegall is a classic example of re-writing the rules simply because they no longer serve the elite, criminal banking cabal and their government enablers.

The best thing we can do is protect ourselves, get as far out their way as possible and stop using their criminally corrupt currencies. One of the best ways to do this is to have a collective of people that use a different form of payment – maybe a one world currency, like gold, would be a better way to conduct our lives and get out of the system that is designed to enslave us and steal our wealth. Personally, I hope they do raise interest rates and blow apart the current system. What do we have to lose that isn’t already lost?

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