Cartel Gives Silver “Industrial Commodity” Look, Silver Will Show Otherwise (Likely By Week’s End)

SD Midweek Update: The Gold-to-silver ratio shot up to 90 as silver gets taken behind the woodshed, but the beating will likely not last long…

Thank you cartel!

For what?

The flash sale on silver!

That’s what.

You see, the cartel is still up to its Dollar Tree magic tricks attempting to signal a certain thing to the world: The global economy is at the very minimum slowing down, as is the demand for commodities, silver included.

There is only one problem with that signal: Silver is not just a commodity but perfect money, the People’s Money, and one of the two true safe havens in this world.

Therefore, as global economic activity slows at an accelerating rate due to the Wuhan Coronavirus, the ripple effects of the slowdown will be felt around the world, but this time around, it’s not just “traders” and “investors” that will need to protect themselves, but every single person on the planet.

And when push comes to shove, there is only protection in gold & silver.

Here’s the important thing to understand: We are no longer in just some “global synchronized slowdown”.

That’s been going on for years.

We are now in “global economic collapse”, and governments and central banks around the world, in an effort to cling to power and maintain the status quo, are about to resort to all sorts of massive money printing – i.e. monetary inflation.

Think about it this way, using this evil, corrupt politician’s pitiful battle cry (via NYPost, bold added for emphasis):

Sen. Chuck Schumer on Sunday urged federal officials to declare coronavirus a public health emergency in the US, so millions more in funds could be made available to fight the deadly bug.

The senator appealed to the Department of Health and Human Services to make the declaration in order for the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention to access $85 million that is allocated to fight infectious disease.

Honest Question: What in the heck is $85,000,000 actually going to do, especially when the average federal employee makes $90,000 per year and has an average total annual compensation of $125,000?

Not a dang thing.

That’s what.

So get ready for massive monetary inflation, which means massive price inflation on Main Street.

Moreover, in addition to everything else our government is intervening in, the U.S. federal government is about to go on a massive spending spree using its stolen from America’s future¬†unbacked, debt-based fiat currency to respond to this Wuhan Coronavirus public health crisis, or, anything bigger, provided the government can whip it up right away.

Right now, however, the Wuhan Coronavirus is the most expensive ticket in town.

To that end, the Fed concludes its 2-day FOMC at 2:00 p.m. EST today, in which the Fed is expected to hold rates steady.

There is a press conference thirty minutes after the release of the statement.

Here’s why today’s FOMC is extra-juicy: There is no doubt the Wuhan Coronavirus will be mixed in with some of the questions, so at least there’s some variety in today’s otherwise vile, satanic ritual of idolizing a living man who commands a corrupt entity intent on murdering millions of Americans via its war on savers.

Although let’s not get it twisted – today’s ritual is rated “G” for all audiences.

So I’d expect phrases such as “we’re monitoring the situation and any potential impacts on the markets and economy” and “right now we feel the risk of economic or market disruption is low at this time” spewing from Jerome Powell’s pie hole.

We’ve been talking about the economic and market impacts of the Wuhan Coronavirus since last Friday, January 24th, during Silver Doctors Live, and we were likely the first to say “look for a run on n-95 masks” and “watch for stores and businesses to start closing down”.

Here’s how I think today’s (and the rest of this week’s) move by the Fed plays out:

  1. Mixed Signals: The Fed gives off mixed signals, signaling their willingness to use its toolbox in the event of a slowdown, but re-iterating that they are not looking for a slowdown.
  2. Markets settle down and ultimately interpret this as “Hawkish”.
  3. Markets start puking because Fed isn’t signaling further loosening.
  4. Fed walks back its hawkishness and calms nerves by re-assuring the markets that the Fed’s the same whore it’s always been (assuming they haven’t decided to let it crash).
  5. Stock market might post a relief rally, gold & silver finish the week up if not out-right rallying.

There is an overall point here too: The Wuhan Coronavirus is only one of the factors bearing down on the markets and the economy right now.

There are other factors that spell trouble for governments and central banks alike, including, but not limited to:

  • The impeachment, whether circus side show or not.
  • The Middle East is about to heat-up again, big time.
  • Multi-front trade, currency & interest rate wars.
  • Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

So yeah, thank you cartel!

For this sweet flash sale!

We know how this end, and it ends with a massive wealth transfer to those who got prepared, and it ends with economic misery and financial ruin for those who did not.

And because of the cartel’s sheer fear and pure hatred of silver, that wealth transfer is going to be even massive-er.

It really is amazing that we’re sitting at $17:50 in January of 2020:

Is that an inverse head-n-shoulders top I see, with the right shoulder formed, time now?


The technicals are not driving the markets right now.

The cartel would rather it turn into a down-sloping parallel channel with a trip down to support, although I don’t think they could pull it off if they wanted to.

I really don’t see much downside below $17, but if they want to try, that’s fine by me because not only would I back-up the truck, but I’d first get a better truck.

As in a way bigger truck.

And a heavy-duty trailer.

And also rent some too.

Because if they want to take silver to a 16-handle here, they put themselves at the very serious risk of seeing actual physical disappearing from the market, and I think it would happen in an instant.

For now, however, a flash sale on silver:

I really don’t think it lasts long, and right now, it’s about as good as it gets in regards to buying 90 ounces of silver with 1 ounce of gold, only to buy 2 ounces of gold for 90 ounces of silver when the ratio moves to 45 at the end of the cycle.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, what if the ratio goes to 33 at the end of the next cycle, would you be able to buy 3 ounces of gold with those 90 ounces of silver?”.


Nice job in understanding the gold-to-silver ratio arbitrage and the fact that, provided one is willing and able, it really does mean free gold!

And free gold means free money!

And who doesn’t like that?

Side note: If anybody doesn’t like free money, go ahead and send it my way because I do.

Gold is looking oh-so strong here:

If anything, I think the Wuhan Coronavirus increases physical gold demand because in China and other places, those not consuming, that is, people not using their disposable, discretionary income for Lunar New Year celebrations and what not, by foregoing activities this year, may simply save their money for the future.

And how do smart people save their money?


Gold & silver.

Palladium’s in that nice, healthy pullback:

Since the unsustainable debt at all levels must ultimately check to real money, and since palladium has all of the qualities of real money, palladium will begin to act as real money in addition to being a very important industrial, precious metal.

We discussed palladium at length yesterday, and we discussed why palladium is important for gold & silver investors to be paying attention to, so please to watch that video if you have not already:

After all, the same dynamics in the palladium “market” are those of the gold & silver “market”.

Platinum continues to consolidate to either side of $1000:

It is interesting to note how platinum is also acting more as money and less as an industrial metal.

I don’t think copper heads much lower than double-bottoming:

Besides, the cartel is going to need the copper mines cranking out product, silver as a bi-product especially, to try to satisfy physical silver demand.

If crude oil is going into the $40s because of reduced net global demand, it better do so soon:

Because I think the “fear premium” is about to come back due to conflict of some sort in the Middle East, and that’s on top of the inflationary super-storm governments and central banks are about to whip-up around the globe while playing Pandemic Preppers.

Take note of that too: People (and governments) were and are scrambling because they were unprepared.

With gold & silver, you are either prepared, or you are not, and good luck trying to get in on the mad scramble when that dormant “sound money” gene finally activates.

The stock market hasn’t dropped enough for the Fed to get dovish:

This is one of the reasons why I say the signaling from the Fed today will be mixed, with a slight bias to “hawkish”.

Global pandemic be danged, the “market” is nearly back to complete and total complacency:

If my scenario as described plays out, then I’d be looking for a spike in the VIX as the market drops, just before the Fed walks back any hawkishness.

Yield on the 10-Year Note is pretty much flat with the Fed Funds Rate:

The government needs lower rates, however, so they will be driven down one way or another.

Driven down, that is, until the bond market blows-up along with the credit markets.

The dollar bulls are all giddy right now:

Of course, most sheep have no clue of their purpose in life, so that’s to be expected.

What’s the bottom line this beautiful Wednesday at the end of January, 2020?

There’s a ton of stuff going on today, but the world will pause for Powell.

This should be a good one as the Fed had to dust off its playbook.

Powell can usually fool all of the sheeple with his newspeak.

But today he must walk through a pandemic minefield.

He will want to sound like he has common sense.

But he only has cheap academic conniving.

He’ll downplay Micky Mouse questions.

And yap about their 2% “objective”.

The one that kills the savers.

Whose money perishes.

Because of the Fed.

And government.

In open war.




Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


About the Author

U.S. Army Iraq War Combat Veteran Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart has an AS in Information Systems and Security from Western Technical College and a BA in Spanish from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Paul dived into gold & silver in 2009 as a natural progression from the prepper community. He is self-studied in the field of economics, an active amateur trader, and a Silver Bug at heart.

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