$88 Silver IMMINENT? Can SILVER Continue This Mighty Short-Crushing, Rip-Your-Face-Off Rally That Saw Prices Recently SKYROCKET…!?!

Everybody’s excited about silver’s nearly 15% move higher, but is silver really even rallying when the price of silver should be at least $88 right now?

(by Half Dollar) The price of silver has rallied, and some say rather strongly.

Indeed, the Cartel does not have the optics in its favor right now.

You see, aside from the physical silver shortages and the supply chain disruptions, there is just too much fiscal and monetary inflation, there are just too many negative real interest rates, there is just too much of the entire world talking non-stop about Building Everything Back Greener, or Better, or Worse, or Something, and perhaps most importantly, America is destroying herself from within at an even faster rate of destruction, so aside from the Flip-Flopping Chart Huggers having to ignore silver’s rapidly overheating technicals, the fundamentals only speak to higher silver prices.

That is to say, as has been the case for thousands of years in general, as has been the case for the last several years specifically, and as evidenced with just a few very recent examples, the current backdrop for silver is super bullish.

And yet, when adjusted for corrupt, understated evil, silver is nowhere near anything right now and certainly not half of its record high set nearly 42 years ago:

Regardless, everybody is super excited, if not all-in with their bets in the Rigged Casino.

I’m neither.

For silver’s got to do what I hope the Cartel does to silver to get me excited and to get me to spring into action, not in the Rigged Casino, of course, but in the Real World:

I keep saying that silver is not going to rally like people think silver will rally, and I have been right about that all year long, but the Drunk Partygoers have really turned up the music in their Echo Chamber, their strobe lights are blinding, and those dancing Fakes, Frauds & Phonies don’t allow the Honest Alternative Media, True Contrarians or Real Patriots in, much less do the Sleazy Opportunists allow actual silver advocacy, so there’s that too.

Said differently, silver will be the last manipulation standing.

Of them all.

In other words, silver is the thing that Corrupt Evil fears most in the entire world, and those chains don’t snap lightly.

They’re the strongest chains of all, and they’re quite literally unbreakable.

In fact, it’s going to require getting the keys for the shackles from the Beast, and there is only one way to do that.

And that’s fine by me, really:

Because if the silver price does what I think it will do, then I’ll be getting even more silver than I thought.

That’s the funny thing about savings, you know.

And if silver does not do what I think it will do:

Then hopefully I’ll just get more platinum at these artificially suppressed prices.

However, if the Cartel presents no gift horses, then I’ll simply have to spend the big bucks for some gold:

I like gold, especially when Wifey’s wearing it.

I like palladium too:

Palladium is arguably money, after all, something which the unbacked, energy-debt-based “crypto” “currencies” are not.

Crude oil has nearly hit $85:


And copper is back over $4.50:

Needless to say, Half Dollar will not be buying new outdoor lighting for this holiday season.

Priorities, folks.


Just when you thought the stock market was crashing:

All-time record highs!

Not that I wasn’t expecting it:

For losing one’s “wealth” to hyperinflation is the same as losing one’s wealth to a devastating stock market crash.

Not that the Gamblers in the Rigged Casino are afraid of losing:

More importantly, if there are any “Market” “Participants” remaining, they surely all suffer from It-Will-Never-Happen-Here Syndrome.

Granted, things always take longer, and require more stated repetition, than one thinks:

Such as the turn in interest rates.

Or the turn in the US Dollar:

Although personally, I am not and have not been waiting on the turn since we know how this all ends.

Just like it always ends…