Bullion Banks Are Starting To Lose Control Of Silver Prices – Fund Manager

Fed monkeyFor those paying attention, the market is giving signals which indicate that the silver manipulation scheme is becoming unmanageable…

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Submitted by Dave Kranzler:

The Open Interest in silver is close to the new all time record high – set just last week – and gold’s Open Interest is at the same level as 2011 when gold hit it’s all time high in value. As you know the acquisition cost of gold is about $600 less than in 2011 which makes the Open Interest all the stronger. What will it be when gold really starts moving again?

In this episode of the Shadow of Truth’s Market Update, we dig into the signals being given by the market which indicate that the silver manipulation scheme is becoming unmanageable.  In addition, we discuss the ongoing global systemic financial and economic collapse.
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Jim Sinclair Believes This Bull Move Will Ultimately Take The Price of Gold to $50,000/oz!!

Live and Historical Market Data, Charts, and PM Prices:

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