Bix Weir: Silver COT Report Shows MEGA SILVER MOVE IMMINENT!

Bix has an important update about JP Morgan’s silver position, from Friday’s COT Report. Has JP Morgan completely covered its shorts? Here’s Bix…

Editor’s Note: In what could have been the most important COT Report, ever, for physical silver, especially with all of the analysts and experts expecting a commercial flip from short to long, Bix Weir is back to break-down this latest COT Report, what it means for silver in general, and Bix runs through several possible JP Morgan scenarios. You will want to carve out less than twenty minutes to listen to this one. That’s for sure.


by Bix Weir of RoadToRoota

EVERYTHING is converging for the long, long awaited Silver Price Moonshot. JP Morgan has fled the Rigging Pits and 150 Years of Silver Price Suppression does NOT end quietly…hang on tight!!