Bix Weir: If The Good Guys Win We Can Have Gasolineless Flying Cars By The Year 2022

Bix is confident the take-down of the Deep State, including the end of the silver manipulation, happens in 2018, and maybe even this week. Here’s why…

by Bix Weir from Road To Roota

Bix is back with a very important update on the latest happenings in the battle of good vs evil.

Bix says this week will be especially important as the fiscal year for the United States ends, and with it, the free pass given to JP Morgan to manipulate the silver market may be coming to an end as well.

Are the good guys winning?

Will they turn the United Nations into a cause for good?

Bix thinks the answer to both of those questions is “yes” and “yes”.

And when the world finally can work for the good of humanity, Bix says to get ready for great things like flying cars that don’t need gasoline.

For all that and much more, tune in to the update in its entirety below: