BITCOIN HITS $14,000, CRASH AHEAD | Steve St. Angelo

Steve St. Angelo tells Silver Doctors a cryptocurrency collapse is just a few months away. Here’s the details…


Steve St Angelo of SRSrocco Report interviewed by Silver Doctors

St. Angelo says oil runs the world, and the oil industry is “being cannibalized just to stay alive.” He notes stocks, bonds, and real estate get their value from burning energy in the future, while a gold or silver coin bought today, received its value from burning energy in the past. If there’s an energy crisis, stocks, bonds, real estate will suffer, while gold and silver will increase in value.

St. Angelo says central banks do not have complete control of silver prices. Silver prices are based upon the cost of production, he believes. For this reason, he does not see silver falling much further.

The cryptocurrency market is going to crash soon, St. Angelo predicts. Stay tuned to hear about the red flags that are convincing St. Angelo a crypto collapse is just a few months away.