Bill Murphy: The Average Person Can’t Take The Pain In Silver Anymore

Bill says most investors have given up, but a “normal” bull market isn’t possible after all this manipulation. Silver will explode higher and reward those who stayed…

Bill Murphy interviewed on Reluctant Preppers

Despite stock markets never correcting no matter what happens, and US Treasury bond auctions never being allowed to fail, and Bitcoin launching through $10,000, silver is selling for 1/3 what it was over a generation ago – even less in inflated dollars! Are the good times set to go on forever, or are we in the “crackup boom” predicted by the Austrian school of economics? Or should alarm bells be clanging in all our heads to waken us from the drunken binge?

Bill Murphy, co-founder of he Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (, and editor of, returns to Reluctant Preppers to make the case that we are partying on the Titanic, and all these delirious rule-breaking explosions of paper wealth are distracting us form the only asset class most likely to be sought after in a mad rush of safe-haven in the times to come. Murphy reminds us that prudent and cooler heads will prevail, and where distortions have created the most compelling undervaluations available today for savvy value-minded protection, wealth preservation, and potential for explosive future growth!