Bill Murphy Says “They have to or they will be forced to”, and the Number He Targets Is WAY Lower Than $50


Bill Murphy tells Silver Doctors that the gold cartel is on the verge of failure. Silver is also ready to explode, and it doesn’t have to hit $50 first to do so.

Bill Murphy joins Silver Doctors today to discuss the latest price action in the markets, with a focus on the gold cartel and a great analysis of the most recent CoT Report and open interest numbers. Bill Murphy of GATA is sticking with his $100 silver target, and he explains how we get there in this SD Exclusive.

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About the Interviewer

Journalist Elijah Johnson, Co-Host of SD Weekly Metals & Markets, vaulted onto the economic scene after launching his “Finance and Liberty” YouTube Channel, to which he’s been called “the 16 year-old smarter than Ben Bernanke”. As one of the youngest sound money advocates around, with a eye on the national debt, the US dollar, and the gold & silver markets, Elijah is on a mission to warn and educate his generation about the risks of the current financial system, and what people can do to protect themselves.

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