Bill Holter: Silver Inventory At COMEX THIS MONTH ALONE Will Be Cleaned Out

From peak silver to the physical silver supply shortage, Bill has a timely update for anybody who has a stake in gold, silver, and the US dollar…

Bill Holter interviewed by David Moadel

Bill Holter discusses both fundamental and technical analysis of the mining sector, gold, silver, and the debt markets.

Bill says what to do at various levels of the gold-to-silver ratio, which right now is around 76 to 1, as in it takes 76 ounces of silver to buy just one single ounce of gold.

He has recommendations for right now, at 50, at 20, at 15 and at 10.

Until it comes down, however, bill says at least 70% of precious metals purchases should be for silver, but seeing as how silver is so cheap right now, holding off on gold and buying 100% silver is what bill is recommending.

Granted, that would be a huge stack to anybody looking to drop $100,000, and they might wand to go with Bill’s conservative recommendation of 70/30 split.

From peak silver to the physical supply shortage, this interview is not to be missed.