Big Shift in Silver AND Fundamental Buyers WON’T Get Shaken Out – Brother John F

Brother John F is urging people to exit their dependency on the banking system. We are being led to financial slaughter, and massive sea changes in silver have begun…

Brother John F joins Reluctant Preppers in this time sensitive interview on purchasing silver for protecting against the coming US financial slaughter.

Some very important topics are discussed in this interview:

  • Why the shift from “momentum trend” investing to “value investing” in silver signifies a sea change that people are becoming fundamental buyers, who won’t get shaken out.
  • Governments have gone beyond “pay as you go” (bought power by wasting money, giving away goodies).
  • Now borrowing from tomorrow just to pay today’s bills.
  • Governments’ last resort is to take away people’s assets by locking everything down.
  • Cash society had an escape valve: you used to be able to go “get your money” from the bank.
  • We’re like Wiley E. Coyote, already suspended in empty air, just haven’t fallen yet.
  • Bond vigilante is dead, buyer of last resort is the Fed, basically printing money, we are in the endgame.