BEWARE The Big Problems With Gold & Silver Miners, Juniors, Explorers And More: Don’t Get Duped By The Penny Stock Pumpers And Lose All Your Money!

Here are some urgent major problems when it comes to investing or trading in the gold & silver mining & exploration sector…

(by Half Dollar) Casting the Rigged Casino aside for a moment, because easily offended people make all sorts of weakling complaints about me when I explain what the Rigged Casino is and how to put an end to it, I’d like to point out some problems when it comes to “investing” or “trading” the miners, which, in this case, can also mean “exploration companies”, “junior miners”, and other classification euphemisms like that.

Problem I: The backing of the Legendary Billionaire Investor

One who thinks the Legendary Billionaire Investor has his or her back is, quite frankly, at best, misguided.

The only thing the Legendary Billionaire Investor is interested in is pumping up a worthless penny stock so that it hits a certain strike price where juicy warrants can be exercised.

That point is where said Legendary Billionaire Investor will then dump his stock on the Gamblers in the Rigged Casino, commonly called the “bagholders” in the mainstream.

Of which, most are the Brainwashed Masses, Walmart Zombies and Sheeple.

Not to offend anybody when I say that, of course, nor to sound “unprofessional”, for I’m just pointing out the caliber of most “traders” and “investors” in the “markets” these days, which honestly can not be pointed out in any other way than by calling the vast majority of people what they truly are.

Here’s the thing about the billionaire backing and the subsequent pumps: It takes a vast array of pumping to get the masses to buy into the hype, and this is totally evidenced by all of the interviews of all the people you see on YouTube on a near daily basis.

It’s disgusting, really, and it only contributes to Spoon-feeding the Beast, which is the exact opposite of what needs to be done, but I’ll just leave it at that for now.

The bottom line is this: The Legendary Billionaire Investor doesn’t truly care about you or honest silver advocacy, but rather, he just wants your money.

Problem II: Beware the Pumper of Worthless Penny Stocks in Silver Advocate’s Clothing

These are many of the grunts that constantly attack ‘Ol Half Dollar out of the public’s view when I call them out on this kind of crap.

Here’s how it goes: A so-called silver “advocate” YouTuber has on some “CEO” of an “exploration company”, and the interview is hyped as advocacy for silver, the destruction of the dollar, inflation, and blah, blah, blah, but what is really going on is a pump-n-dump for the actual explorer itself.

Furthermore, most of these companies pay the YouTube and Bit Chute “influencers” for the actual interviews, whether the YouTubers and Bit Chuters disclaim that or not.

In other words, when the Brainwashed Masses, the Walmart Zombies and the Sheeple watch these crappy interviews of no actual value, what those “market” “participants” are really doing is akin to watching poorly produced late night television infomercials.


These pumpers are not true silver “advocates”, no matter how large their “following” or what “Legendary Billionaire Investor” gives them shout-outs.

What these pumpers truly are, at best, are Sleazy Opportunists with Ulterior Motives.

Problem III: The company with the legendary management team and the super-duper high grade metal

Everybody loves to talk about “drill results”, “high grading”, the “absolute best dang management team in mining”, and all of these kinds of cheap parlor tricks, when really, this kind of talk has been going on for decades.


The mergers and acquisitions are coming!

The mergers and acquisitions are always coming.

The drill results are off the charts!

The drill results are always off the charts.

The company has the best dang management team in the world!

The company always has the best dang management team in the world.

There is just so much juicy high grade gold & silver!

There is always just so much juicy high grade gold & silver.

Oceania was at war with Eurasia!

Oceania had always been at war with Eurasia.

And as the years go by, this kind of stuff just keeps on going.

And going.

And going.

And going.

Like, do you ever even have just one single hiccup in progress, bro?

You see, the miners always have sweet drill results, always find the best high-grade gold & silver, always have the very best management teams, and always have etcetera, etcetera, and etcetera.

Forever and ever.


Problem IV: The “Paper Miner” that exists as more of a financialized product in the Rigged Casino than anything else.

Sure, the picture of the three dudes wearing yellow reflective vests and orange hard hats standing around a 10-year old pick-up truck with a drill rig-equipped trailer attached, purchased from Harbor Freight, of course, and parked out in the boonies somewhere, might look, well, to me anyway, like if the whole thing isn’t a scam, it looks to me like little more than “we’ve got to appear to be doing something” propaganda, but either way, people fall for paper companies that will never amount to anything as if they were the hottest thing around since that triple-levered ETF on DoggieCoin which can only go to da moon!

The problem is, they’re not the hottest thing around.

Many of them are arguably shell companies, or companies on paper only, that may drill something from time to time for optics and for press releases, but these companies are more set up as financialized products on Wall Street than anything else, and let’s not forget they’re also even more set up for convenient trading on the TSX-V and the OTC than they are set up for actual gold & silver exploration and mining!

Problem V: The “safe jurisdiction” that everybody’s favorite mining company is located in is about to become anything but safe.

Are governments around the world, including their “elected” “leaders” and public “servants”, not going off the deep end when it comes to the edicts, whims, decrees, mandates, confiscations, tax hikes, shutdowns, cancellations, reparations and all sorts of other business and industry crushing adverse actions?

That’s not even mentioning corruption, organized crime, racketeering, civil unrest, worker riots & strikes, civil war, natural disasters, and other things that also render that safe jurisdiction any thing but “safe”.

Here’s the thing: When push comes to shove, gold & silver disappear into a forgotten hole in the desert or sink to the bottom of the ocean in a boating accident, but “miners”, “juniors” and the “explorers” have nowhere to run, much less anywhere to hide.

To say the very least, the extreme degree to which otherwise thinking people so easily dismiss the uber risk in the sector is mind boggling.

Problem VI: The name change on paper to swindle even more “traders” and “investors”

How long has that hot new miner, or exploration company, or TSX-V listed whatever, been around?

Moreover, how many times have they changed their name in the last three years?

It’s all fun and games jumping on the bandwagon, or so the pumpers claim, or at least apologize for, but realize that these “brand new hot exploration companies” and these “name changes” are nothing more than financial engineering designed to separate Gamblers from their “money” in the Rigged Casino.

Problem VII: The miners, explorers, majors and juniors basically do nothing to put an end to the manipulative price suppression of gold & silver.

They’re essentially pushers of the status quo.

People like to harp on the World Gold Council and the Silver Institute for their anti-gold and anti-silver advocacy & propaganda, so to say, and rightly so, but why is there no such harping on the miners?

Are the miners not acting just as bad, if not worse?

Additionally, there is a huge difference between a mining company CEO complaining about something and a mining company CEO actually doing something about it.

Pathetically, most mining companies, explorers and the like are fine with the status quo, and they’re are not looking to rock the boat, which is more than just a dang shame.

Problem VIII: People pumping the miners are detrimental to the actual cause of silver.

I’ll leave this problem at that for now.

There is much more I could say, and there are many more problems I could point out.

That said, I’m really trying to have a good week this week, so I don’t really need 7,000 emails and 6,000 phone calls saying how I’m totally the ___________ ____________ person (fill in the blanks) in the entire gold & silver space.

The 5,000 combined complaints, condemnations, stay-in-your-lanes and you-don’t-get-it-mans generated from this article alone, which really only has the sole goal of helping Silver Bugs, Stackers and other Smart Investors, will be more than plenty.

Buyer beware…