“As Goes January” Or Rocket Blast-Off For Silver On February 4? And Can Gold Overcome Its Current Market Curse?

Major breakout rally time?

(by Half Dollar) Now might be a fun time to play some make-believe.

If we play make-believe, in silver’s case, we can believe that over the course of January, silver’s price is down around 3.75%:

Does that mean that as goes January, so goes the year?

Whatever it means, here’s the important question: Who believes excitement can come back into the silver market with a price between, call it, $21.50 and $26.50?

Follow up question: At what price will excitement come back into the silver market?

Speaking of price, or make-believe, or whatever, gold is down a little over 2%, year-to-date:

As the month of January comes to a close, I’m wondering just how much excitement there is around gold’s current price?

Regardless, on Friday, February 4, 2022, the Bureau of Labor Statistics will release its January Jobs Report, and it should be noted that the prices of gold & silver have been known to move around the release of such reports.

It should be no different this Friday, unless gold & silver prices are moved around in the days or hours before and/or after the release of the report, but no matter what happens this Friday, in my opinion, if the intent is to keep “traders” and “investors” on their toes with a poor report or even job losses on net, and I think that may very well be the intention, as well as to fester the “less rate hikes are coming than we think” narrative, with the end goal of adding a crapton of financial confusion to it all, then surely everybody in the Mainstream Media and Wannabe Alternative Media will be quick to blame the “bomb cyclones” and the other named winter storms as major factors for a lousy January Employment Situation Report.

When did naming winter storms become a thing, anyway?


Doesn’t matter.

Especially if one understands that these are not “supply chain disruptions” as much as they are real-world confirmations of the already hyperinflated US dollar.

Furthermore, the timing seems right for a lousy report:

Doesn’t it?

On Friday, if the jobs report comes in as a terrible shocker, those playing the blame game will include Everybody’s Favorite Wannabe Alternative Media Website:

Whose analysis, by the way, is usually spot-on.

Especially when it comes to gold analysis:

Like, do you even have an edge in the “markets”, bro?