Americans Cannot Rush Into Silver If They Can Only Afford To Buy Toilet Paper By The Roll At Dollar Tree (For $1.25)

While many are excited about gold’s recent “reaction” to impending World War Doom, silver hasn’t really been participating in the fun, and there’s a simple reason for that…

(by Half Dollar) On the streets of America, the New Third World, Americans are broke.

Let’s face it.

It’s amazing how far we’ve come in so little time.

Isn’t it?

Well done “public” “servants”, “elected” “leaders”, Gamblers in the Rigged Casino, and all of the other Economic Misery & Financial Ruin Enablers who are bafflingly or selfishly spoonfeeding the Beast while frantically fighting and seriously scrambling to agonizingly struggle down The Painful Path of Guaranteed Socio-Economic Collapse of the United States.

Well done.

Go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back and treat yourself to a Dollar Tree cookie or something.

The ones imported from India.

You deserve it.

Because there is a non-insignificant number of Americans who now apparently can only afford to buy toilet paper by the roll:

Walmart’s great values got nothin’ on Dollar Tree’s extreme values!

That’s right folks, for I had to see it with my very own eyes.

And yes, the shelves are slowly filling back up (for now) at Dollar Tree for myriad reasons, including the most recent double whammy of prices going up by 25% across the board while product quality collapses by an even higher percentage:


America’s Best Formerly $1.00 Coffee, made in New Jersey, has been replaced by America’s Newest Crappy Coffee, Hecho in Mexico.


And I like Mexico.

And Mexicans.

I do.

And while I’m not exactly sure how Dollar Tree has kept this new-and-disimproved coffee to the 6-ounce size, all things considered, including international supply chain logistics, I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the strong US dollar continuing to crush Mexico as the strong US dollar has been crushing since mid-2014, as well as having something to do with the fact that Dollar Tree has the uncanny ability to strong-arm Juanito Valdez into working for mere pennies on the dollar.

You know, in a “poverty wages” at best and a “slave wages” at worst kind of way.

Mexico also has a long history of giving up its very best stuff for dirt cheap, like silver, so there’s that too.

And no, I didn’t sabotage the last known retail brick of America’s Best Formerly $1.00 Coffee.

I would never do that.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, yeah, yeah, we know, we know, for you spend way to much time conducting field research at Dollar Tree, proving time and time again how prices are actually going up by way more than 7.5% per year, but you did put the word ‘silver’ in the title of this article, so unless you’re back to your old clickbaitin’ ways, could you actually give us something useful today Mr. I’m-Too-Good-For-Dollar-Store-Coffee-But-I-Wasn’t-Always-This-Way?”.

It’s interesting, because I’ve talked with my sixty-something year-old Mexican mother-in-law, who was in her prime at the time in the early 1990s, about the so-called “Tequila Crisis”, which was actually a fiat currency crisis, in part because of bringing Mexico into NAFTA in a “great reset” kind of way, only, for the average Mexican, the currency crisis sucked.

Specifically, there were a couple of brutal devaluations of the peso against the US dollar, in late 1993 if my blown memory is not fragmented, and on January 1, 1994, Mexico chopped 3-zeros off of the peso, where 1,000 pesos became 1.

I asked my mother-in-law, who was a public school teacher, what it was like for the average Mexican during the currency crisis, the devaluations and the reset, and interestingly, she says that it wasn’t really a big deal because nobody had any savings, so stuff became more expensive, and when the day came around to switch to the “Nuevos Pesos”, the people simply switched.

In other words, only a few decades ago, one day a Mexican had one thousand pesos in his or her pocket, and the very next day he or she had one.

Furthermore, the kiddos’ abuela tells me that in her opinion, the intelligent wealthy, which includes people with any significant savings as well as corrupt insiders, were able to get out of their Mexican Pesos and get into real things long before the financial crisis culminated in the way it did, so smart or connected wealthy Mexicans were not really affected negatively in that sense, while many even prospered and thrived, but to the average Mexican, there were no financial “savings” so to say, much less were there any individual savings of real significance in the banking system, so by the time the reset came around, there wasn’t any damage left to be done.

Stuff just cost more, way more, and the new pesos looked different but featured easier math.

And that is my point about savings in general and silver specifically.

It is an important point, so I will say it again: Silver, like gold, is the only real money out there (Constitutional), and real money can either be spent, or it can be saved, and if silver is saved, it can more than figuratively or literally save you during and after a currency crisis, of which, the unbacked, debt-based fiat currency dependent on exponential, unsustainable growth, formally called the “Federal Reserve Note” and commonly called “The Dollar”, is next in the chute, but sadly, most people will learn this lesson only after it’s already too late.

In other words, people learn the hard way.

They always do.

Question: Right now, at the end of the day, how many dollars does Joe Deplorable have left to save in the form of real money?

Follow-Up Question: Do the Brainwashed Masses, the Walmart Zombies and the Sheeple even have any savings at all?

Follow-Up Question to the Follow-up Question: What happens to digital/paper “financial” “assets” in the US dollar hyperinflation, the US dollar devaluations and the coming reset?

Rhetorical Question: Are smart or connected Americans already out of their US Dollars and into real things, or is there still plenty of time before it’s too late?

Now I’m not so sure, but the Market Riggers could be simply setting the price somewhat higher, using the cover of World War Doom:

Or they could be looking to take the Gamblers in the Rigged Casino to the cleaners when a “diplomatic solution” is announced.

Because Oceana is always at war with Eastasia, or with Eurasia, or with Someone, and in the interim, Momentary World Peace does wonders for Team Deflation.

Either way, unless you’re the one pulling the price levers, or unless you’re the one standing behind and massaging the shoulders of the person pulling the price levers, it’s impossible to be sure.

What is sure, however, is that it’s about to get real in the silver market:

Only, not in the way that most people think.

Don’t think like most people…