Alasdair Macleod: The Shake-Out Period In Silver Is Over

Alasdair says to get ready for the break-out in silver, because it could happen at any moment. Here’s why…

Alasdair Macleod interviewed on Reluctant Preppers

Just when you thought Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies had burned out through exhaustion blow-off top and fallen into the valley of despair, along comes the steady-minded and soft-spoken Head of Research for GoldMoney, Alasdair Macleod, to share his professional opinion of what life stage cryptos are really in, and why their next phases are likely to be incomparable to what we’ve seen so far.

Macleod traces the archetypical pattern of manias, and aligns the telltale signatures of the recent and current crypto craze to historic bubble markets. His thought-provoking conclusions, based on significant reasoning about the novel macro-factors at play in today’s connected global fiat world, may well startle you!

Alasdair further rounds out his tour of the year ahead with an authoritative update on the US Dollar, the Euro, England in a post-Brexit world, and what all this means to our economic lives. Don’t miss it!