A Message From America’s Most Hated Silver Bug To The Chest Pumping, MVP Picking “Silver Squeeze” Groupies Temporarily Deafened By Their Booming Echo Chamber And Prematurely Declaring Victory

If silver really is that important to…

(by Half Dollar) “Fear porn”.

They say that’s what I write.

And they also say I’m not very good at it, and you know you’ve just gotta believe ‘em, because they’re so normal, so mainstream, yet still, all things considered, which isn’t even really all that much, I guess that would make me like a “Fear Porn Star”, and so now, I finally get it.


Doesn’t matter.

Indeed, the simple fact of the matter is that I’m only smart enough to be wrong all of the time, and right nearly once, so mark my words with how much of an idiot I am when I say the following moronic forecast that when mimicked will get you kicked out of the poor house before you’re even done checking in:

  • I think the stock market is going to “crash”
  • I think the US dollar is about to strengthen (DXY to 95)
  • I think silver will spike low into the teens

And I think of this happens very soon, as in, between imminently and, call it, the end of April.

You see, there is just too much at stake right now, and the street magicians in Washington and on Wall Street need to pull off a few cheap tricks to keep the crowd engaged and entertained.

Here are a some reasons why I think a minimum of these three things (stock market, dollar, silver) are about to happen, in no particular order of importance.

First, respected, old-timer ‘legendary investors’ who have been calling for the most epic crash of epic crashes will finally get their reach-around.

It is, after all, a buddy-buddy system, and that especially goes for Washington, government in general, and the Fed, including their bestest buddies on Wall Street.

Second, everybody is talking about “inflation”, but the MSM propagandists can only do so much damage control, and as such, another “crashing” of the stock market, with commodities going down with it, would give the Cartel a tiny sliver of time to maintain the current narrative before flipping the switch.

In other words, yes, inflation is running rampant and spiraling out of control, and that is obvious to anybody who actually buys things, but the Fed is still in denial mode, and the government, well, they’re also in denial mode, but soon that won’t matter because they’ll come to cherish the magic money printer, but still, for now, the Fed and the Federal government really need to get some credibility back on their “no inflation” side, and by bringing down the markets, including the commodities, in a “one last time royal flushing” kind of way, the Fed and the Federal government can get some, albeit temporary, credibility with respect to inflation.

Besides, skewing inflation data by means of short but severe crashes is to a US Federal Government Statistician as the solo is to a Heavy Metal Rock Band Lead Guitarist.

Furthermore, crashing the stock market also vaporizes the winnings of all of the newbie “traders” and Bitcoin Hodlers who think they’ve become wildly rich in no time at all with less than five grand of seed capital and nothing but to-da-moon instant winnings on every single bet.

Silly newbies, but the Cartel thanks you for playing, and do come again!

Third, If the US dollar strengthens, even though it will only be temporary and not by much, in my opinion, we can import a crapton of real stuff while exporting the heck out of some US dollars, and, in essence, stock up on “stuff” in advance of the economic collapse, which, by the way, is already in motion.

In this final plunder of plunder, with the caliber of public “servants” and “elected” “leaders” we have in government, as a nation, and as a whole, why would we not be stocking-up as fast as we can while the US dollar is still good for the stocking?

And if it buys more stuff for a fleeting moment, that’s better.


It’s not “rocket science”.

It’s “hyperinflation”.

Of course, if you wanted to compare it to rocket science, you could, but you’d have to say it like this: Rocket science is to hyperinflation as the Space Shuttle Challenger is to the US Dollar.


Don’t judge.

Is that not the correct analogy?

Fourth, I question the sincerity and motives of the so-called gold & silver “advocates”.

That is to say, if the advocates are shouting “silver squeeze”, but at the same time they’re gambling in the rigged casino, feeding the Beast, and especially talking about “up and coming” silver “newcomers” that said advocates know in their heart of hearts will amount to a hot, steaming pile of nothing, what are the supposed advocates really doing and what are they really fighting for?

Sure, that was a rhetorical question, but let me go ahead and spoil it for you: They’re not fighting for the little guy, and they’re certainly not fighting for silver, and if you really want to know, it’s called their “P&L”.

Fifth, at the risk of sounding obvious, please allow me to state the obvious: A lot of people in the “Silver Squeeze” crowd have a lot of overlap with the Bitcoin crowd, and in fact, many people are card-carrying members of both, which means unless they’re Pumpers or Shills, they’re generally clueless at best, or misinformed and spewing potentially influential nonsense at worst.


So judgmental!

I didn’t say “all” of them.

Sixth, That sure is a lot of movement into those silver ETFs on a daily basis!

Has anybody read the prospectus?

Branched off and researched the “sub-custodians”, or looked into the “sub-custodians” of the “sub-custodians”?

Of course, I’m sure it’s all totally legit and 100% squeaky clean.


Sure is.

Regardless, navigating the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of pages of legalese that come standard with all of the silver ETFs is not my main point.

Here’s the main point: What if the “markets” do get obliterated, taking down the silver ETFs with them?

And just so my main point is clear, let me ask it in a different way: If silver really is that important to the Cartel, and I think silver really is that important, then why would the Cartel not bring down the “markets” very, very soon?

We’ll see…