$350 Silver In EARLY FEBRUARY??? The Retail Day Traders Making GameStop SKYROCKET Have Just Discovered SILVER Is The Most Manipulated Market In The World, SET SIGHTS ON $1000

First Majestic Silver shorts, can you say, “RIP YOUR FACE OFF”!! The Reddit post is back, and it sports a brand new plot twist!!


Begin Update 4 (Thurs, Jan 28, 8:15ish a.m. EST):

Say what?

The Reddit post is back, and it now sports an interesting plot twist:

Since the “Retail Day Traders” don’t know really know the ticker symbols, much less the names of certain people, it’s starting to seem kind of obvious who started this post in the first place, along with the motive, isn’t it?

But I digress.

The new twist poses an interesting question, but let’s cut all of the fat and fluff from the pump and get to the meat of it: Could an all out buying frenzy of SLV actually cause the Cartel, which, let me remind you, is not some “shadowy group of conspirators”, but the Exchange Stabilization Fund, the Fed, and agents acting on behalf of one or both, to essentially “lose control” of the silver market?

Regardless, it will be very, very interesting to see how the Cartel handles this today.

So far, they’re barely giving an inch:

However, the officially sanctioned and supported perpetual naked shorting the dog crap out of silver futures contracts and simply waiting out the idiot gamblers with limited money and time not on their side is one thing, but with SLV, we’re not talking about that kind of “small speculator”, but rather, a bunch of Retail Day Traders that can throw down twenty five bucks, or twenty five hundred bucks, on SLV, or SLV call options, or whatever, and well, that’s an attack the cartel hasn’t had to deal with in a long time.

And in the spirit of continuing to raise awareness of silver and the silver “market”, since they’ve opened the post back up, if you have not done so already, go over to Reddit and “upvote” the post so it continues to gain momentum, which it apparently has overnight.

The scrappy underdog in me hopes the Cartel will have more than just a small problem on its hands:

We’ll see…

End of Update 4



Begin Update 3 (Weds, Jan 27, 7:10ish p.m. EST):

My, oh my, oh my!

The freakin’ Reddit Mods SHUT DOWN Wall Street Bets!


Silver Bugs, Stackers, and other Smart Investors, Family, friends, haters and trolls, understand this saying very, very clearly: “If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it”.

We’re entering strange times folks, because it’s the crack-up boom and hyperinflation of the US Dollar, and, well, aside from some unfortunate Zimbabweans or Venezuelans, regionally speaking, of course, nobody really knows just how this one is going to play out because it’s only King Dollar we’re talking about!

And as far as the AG pump:

I wouldn’t wanna be short AG right now.

(Hyperinflation) developing…

End of Update 3



Begin Update 2 (Weds, Jan 27, 5:30ish p.m. EST):

Holy Guacamole!

Now even everybody’s favorite socialist Latina is commenting on today’s “market madness”, for lack of a better term:

Everybody has something to say about the market madness!

Everybody, except for Fed Head Jerome Powell, that is, even though he was asked specifically about GameStop in the very first question during his press conference today at 2:30 p.m. EST.

Suffice it to say, whether you agree with buying the miners, the ETFs, just physical, or not, or whatever, I’d still say to go to the Reddit post and give it an “upvote” so that silver and silver market awareness gain momentum!

End of Update 2



Begin Update 1 (Weds, Jan 27, 3:30ish p.m. EST):

Are you kidding me?

Whoever started the Reddit post is really just some pumper for First Majestic?

Check out the “Edit 1“:

I would say give the Reddit post an “upvote” still, because awareness is awareness, and quite frankly, if there are any sheeple left who are capable of becoming aware of what is going on with the US dollar hyperinflation, well, they need all the awareness they can get.

Regardless, if the original poster on Reddit is turning this into a pump, now you know but one of the reasons why I say “Starve the Beast”.

There are many reasons.


And it would be a dang shame if they turn this into a pump for a couple of miners.

Dang shame…

End of Update 1






(by Half Dollar) Today I wrote an article for the best online gold & silver bullion dealer, and in it, I discussed some things about GameStop that you may not know, so please do check out that article if you have not already.

By now, everybody knows about the absolute craziness in GameStop:

And guess what?

Well, this (you can click the link and “upvote” that thread if you’d like so that others can learn a thing or two about silver):

Oh my!

No, really, that’s what I said:

But I’ve never used Reddit before, so you might not see it because, well, Reddit has crazy restrictions imposed before commenting, unlike Silver Doctors!


The question is, will the Retail Day Traders actually start buying the crap out of SLV?

Follow-up question: Once they find out about all of the fraud and corruption revolving around paper silver, what happens if just a few of the Retail Day Traders decide to purchase an actual ounce or two of the shiny phyzz?