All-In Cost For Silver – First Majestic’s Keith Neumeyer

silver rushJust what is the All-In cost to get an ounce of silver out of the ground today? 
First Majestic Silver’s Keith Neumeyer provides an insider’s view on silver in this excellent interview:


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 From Craig Hemke:

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Keith Neumeyer is the Founder of First Majestic Silver Corp. (formerly, First Majestic Resources Corp.) and has been its Chief Executive Officer and President since November 3, 2001. Mr. Neumeyer has been the President and Chief Executive Officer of First Silver Reserve Inc. since June 19, 2006. He has an extensive experience dealing with the financial, regulatory, legal and accounting issues. He founded First Majestic Silver in 2002. He served in the investment community for 28 years beginning his career at a number of Canadian national brokerage firms and continued on with McLeod Young Weir (now Scotia McLeod), then Richardson Greenshields and then Walwyn Stogell McCuthchen (which became Midland Walwyn).

Mr. Neumeyer moved on to work with several publically traded companies in the resource and high technology sectors. His roles have included senior management positions and directorships responsible in areas of finance, business development, strategic planning and corporate restructuring. Mr. Neumeyer has also listed a number of companies on the Toronto Stock Exchange and as such has extensive experience dealing with the financial, regulatory, legal and accounting issues that are relevant in the investment community. He was a co-founder and President of First Quantum Minerals Ltd. (T-FM). Mr. Neumeyer is also the Founder of First Mining Finance Corp. and serves as its Chairman of the Board.

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