Paul Krugman Says Quantitative Easing is Austerity

And now we have seen it all.
After being embarrassed earlier in the week in his live debate with Ron Paul, Paul Krugman has gone a step further and fallen off the deep end.
In an interview with CNN Money, Krugman argues that Bernanke and his friends at the Fed have not been goosing the economy with funny money STIMULUS also known as quantitative easing…they have been conducting AUSTERITY.
It’s a funny thing, what we’ve actually done is not stimulus, but austerity..The heart of it is that we really need to reverse this misguided austerity of the past couple of years

Krugman actually lets the D word slip during the interview, and argues that the US needs to reverse austerity measures and massively stimulate the economy to pull it out of depression.  But…but…Paul!  Timmah has already welcomed us to the recovery!!

Somewhere, Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson are nearing 9,000 RPM’s in their graves.  Full idiocy below: