Epic AGXIIK: The Corporate Machine: Harvesting Lives, Bodies and Souls

Wall Street, Elm Street Style…


The Corporate Machine: Harvesting Lives, Bodies and Souls 

 I just watched a new movie The Circle. It’ll give me nightmares for some time.

The rich get infinitely richer while we debate the futility of investing our precious money into the market manipulations, frequently leaving us poorer by degrees.

Barring a calamitous crash of the market, 3 men, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates are all poised to hit the $100,000,000,000 net worth mark in short order.

Bezos just became the world’s wealthiest man at around $90 billion as Amazon stock price ticked considerably higher in today’s trading, eclipsing Bill Gates net worth by the price of a small country.

Zuckerberg notched another few billion as well when Facebook jumped over 5% on record earnings. Sales revenues ramped up 45%; profits escalated 71%. That was good for the share prices, enriching the CIA holdings by an amount similar to this NWO cuckholded man-child who stole FaCIAbook’s operation guide from others.

Gates probably doesn’t give a shit about these billions. His time’s devoted to spreading disease, cancer, infertility and financial penury amongst the poorest countries of the world via vaccines, Big Pharma and FINCEN. He’s found his Idaho, parking his flaccid globalist ass on that turf and, like all Neo-Oligarchs, doing his master’s bidding and then some.

For reasons of brevity, I’ll focus on Zuck and his little domain so that I can vent and maybe turn a few people from that dark side.

Most of you know that I try to be as private as possible and still be on boards like this. Few people know who I am as I’m quite selective in sharing my name and identity. The thought of exposing myself on Facebook, thus acting more like some degenerate flashing himself to a crowd of gawkers on a street corner as opposed to having an adult conversation with another person, leaves the idea of being on any social media channel puke inducing.

That said, I know most of us are prudent in our privacy and personal security habits. We lock our doors at night, don’t leave keys in the car, use effective passwords regularly, make sure our families are safe, check our FICO scores, don’t let the kids run amok in unsafe neighborhoods. The usual drill. We generally don’t yammer and babble about those things best left unsaid or behind closed doors.


We are obsessed with spraying everything about our daily lives, opinions, family foibles and fantasies, preferences, buying habits, jobs and hobbies; spewing like verbal diarrhea and projectile vomiting everything imaginable. And to what end?

So that we get friended by another navel gazing narcissistic douchenozzle we don’t know and would probably never want to know because, in the organic world, we wouldn’t give this person the time of day.

We brag about our latest venture to the specialty stores, gawking at the all the goods we can’t afford, while displaying our family and friends inflagrante inspecto on the web, like meat traded at the slave market, so our adventures appear to be bigger and better and more ‘adventurous’ than those commoner friends we accumulated like erzatz flotsom on social media?

This is what chapped my ass.

Zuckerberg, Bezos and Gates, along with their other billionaire friends are traveling at 45,000 feet in their custom built $150,000,000 50 passenger jets, laughing their asses off over our pathetic little lives spread out below them, like some ankles up trollop on the pages of a skin mag.

They’ve become obscenely wealthy by selling our names, lives, bodies and souls on their ghoulish company platforms. They skin us alive, picking off every tiny piece of our tissue sold to the highest bidder. If we inadvertently offer up our souls to these Dark Web Vultures, so much the better. They’ll harvest that too, putting us up on the E Bay equivalent of a Human Soul Bourse , hammered down to the next highest bidder with enough cash to buy us at wholesale.

These people are the worst of the slave traders, human traffickers, child porn peddlers and organ harvesters. They do it in full of of all humanity, with the blessing of every one of 2,500,000,000 dupes who uses their platforms as a place for us to jitter out our 15 minutes of fame in an inhumane globe-spanning danse macabre.

Their ilk carves off tiny pieces of our humanity while we writhe and wiggle in front of the bidders, unknowing of the real intent of FaCIAbook, Microsoft and Amazon. We sell our souls to these ghouls for the pittance of an entry fee to the first level of hell, garnered through one-time-only special pricing and free shipping if you call in the next 10 minutes. They stuff dollar bills in our garter belts while they hang our scalps from the lodge poles of their $50,000,000 mansions.

If we were able to don special glasses, like the ones used in the movie They Live, we’d see all of humanity just as Bezos, Gates, Buffet, Zuckerberg see us. Foolish little people dancing in the streets to the music of the dark web, with the long knives out, slicing us to ribbon.

Like a man said on the movie Aliens, referencing the corporatist drone,

“You don’t see these creatures selling each out for a percentage”

Here’s the bad news.

Every day we sell a little more of ourselves to the crony corporatist and get nothing in return, while FaCIAbook pops it’s 2Q profits 71% and makes Zuck the Cuck another $3 billion.

As a former banker, when my boss called the tune, I’d sell my clients out for a percentage every time.

Thanks again to James Gibson , author of West to East, for providing some new batteries to my flashlight. It gets dark in the rabbit holes.