$20 Silver? James Turk Says Real Bull Market Begins After Silver Takes Out $50 High!

gold bullWith Gold and Silver Prices Breaking Out In a HUGE Upside Move, London Analyst James Turk Joins A Crucial Metals & Markets to Break It Down:
You Haven’t Seen Anything Yet – Real Move Begins After Silver Takes Out the $50 High…

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  • We’re Very Close to Breaking Out Here in Silver.  Is it Time to Pile In?
  • Deutsche Bank Trading at 25% of Book Value- What is the Market Pricing In?
  • THIS is Why You Want to Maximize Your Exposure to Gold and Silver
  • James Turk Explains Why He Is “So Bullish On Gold and Silver Here, Particularly Silver” 
  • Silver Will Ultimately Take Out $50 High, That’s When the REAL Silver Bull Market Begins!  


  • STAGFLATION – The Worst of All Possible Worlds Is Where We’re Headed
  • We’re Very Close to a 2008 Type Situation- But It Will Be More Cataclysmic 
  • In the Final Blow-Off Top, You Won’t Sell Gold and Silver Coins For Dollars!

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With the MASSIVE panic into physical gold across the market in the wake of BREXIT, wholesalers and Authorized Purchasers SOLD OUT of 2016 Gold Maples and 1 oz Gold RCM Bars, but 2016 Gold Eagles and Gold Buffalo coins have largely remained readily available across the market. 

In Silver:

The US Mint sold 723,000 2016 American Silver Eagle coins this week, bringing the Mint’s June sales to 2,562,500 coins, and overall 2016 sales totals to 25,975,500 Silver Eagle coins.  This is up from 500,000 coins the previous two weeks, but still less than the Mint’s production of approximately 1,000,000 coins – fairly disappointing sales numbers for the week following BREXIT and the market chaos that ensued. 

We anticipate physical silver demand to increase if silver is able to clear $18.60 and mount a rally towards $20/oz, bringing some excitement back into the silver market. 

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