US Mint Silver Eagle Allocation Likely Ending

USMintA Unique Perspective in the Mechanics of the Wholesale Silver Market
On This Special Edition of Metals & Markets, We Break the News That the US Mint Appears Set to End Silver Eagles Allocation as AP’s Begin Dumping Coins

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The US Mint sold just 914,500 2016 American Silver Eagle coins this week, the first time this year the Authorized Purchasers (AP’s) failed to take down the entire week’s production.
2016 Silver Eagles sales totals are now 24,327,500 coins. 

The Royal Canadian Mint released Q1 sales numbers for 2016 Silver Maples last week: 2015’s record demand of 8.9 million oz was smashed with an all-time record sales quarter of 10.6 million oz of Silver Maples!   

The Royal Canadian Mint launched 1 oz Silver Superman Shield bullion coins on Thursday, with extremely strong initial demand reported by the dealers.
The Silver Superman coins have a mintage of just 1 million, and follow previous semi-numismatic series Wildlife, Birds of Prey, and Predators. 


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