Steven Mnuchin… WTF?! | Quoth the Raven, Chris Irons

First-time guest Chris Irons joins James Anderson for the show this week to discuss the markets, Mnuchin, and a whole lot more…

Chris Irons of QTR Research interviewed by James Anderson for SD Bullion

Silver and gold had strong showings this holiday week.

Silver appears to be closing up some 70¢ oz closing near $15.40 a troy ounce.

Gold is closing the week likely above the $1280 us dollar per troy ounce threshold, about $20 dollars above last week’s close.

This past Sunday night, on December 23rd, 2018 US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin tweeted to the financial world an unsettling message to many, one which will likely go down as a bigger public relations mess than he and his wife’s 2017 solar eclipse visit to Fort Knox.

Stay tuned as I discuss Mnuchin tweet blowback, and other financial market volatility matters with a new guest to the show… Christopher Irons of Quoth the Raven podcast.



If you have never heard Chris Irons or his Quoth the Raven podcast, you may not know that he often uses colorful rated R language when he speaks about the financial markets.

Rather than fill this audio with a bunch of bleeps and language censorship, I have decided to simply let the audio play as was recorded.

Do not listen to this podcast if you are offended by language you might hear in a Rated R film. Do not listen to this podcast aloud around children.

Do listen to this podcast if adult language does not offend you, and you are interested in hearing someone explicitly speak about how they view financial markets currently.

This differentiation… is in fact what makes Chris Irons great.

If it is your cup of tea, enjoy…

Christopher Irons’ Gold Investment Thesis: May 2018

Chris Irons from @QTRResearch
2017 Traders4ACause Charity Conference in Las Vegas


Steve Mnuchin must love non-audited gold.


About the Interviewer

James Anderson has a BA in finance from Loyola University New Orleans. He has both worked and invested in the physical investment grade bullion markets prior to the 2008 global financial crisis.

James’ twitter is @JamesHenryAnd and he has authored SD Bullion’s complementary 21st Century Gold Rush Book.