Sprott’s John Embry: This is the Most EXPLOSIVE Action I’ve Ever Seen!

dynamiteWith HUGE Action in Gold & Silver This Week As Shanghai Came Online, Sprott’s John Embry Sat Down For An Explosive Interview, Discussing: 

  •  Banksters Violently Attack After Silver’s Spectacular Day- Will the White Metal Finally Be the Cartel’s Kryptonite? 
  • You Can’t Own Enough Silver!: “Inflation is Coming at Us in a Huge Wave”
  • Perfect Storm On the Horizon: Base Metals to Have Huge Affect On Silver Supply 
  • “Just the Beginning” Is the Most Explosive Action Embry Has Ever Seen in the Mining Shares Foretelling the Future?
  • Why Embry Believes Gold & Silver Ratio Will COLLAPSE As Silver Dramatically Outperforms Gold  
  • “It Will Be SPECTACULAR” : Embry Believes This Bull Run Will Be the Biggest Move in Gold & Silver EVER

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EmbryIt’s always a treat to speak with John Embry.  John has about half a century of market experience, and Doc and I love accessing his insight during high volatility weeks like this week.

For most of this week, we’ve seen silver and the mining shares lead the precious metals space.  In fact, a case can be made that official sector price management efforts targeted gold over the last couple of days in an effort to contain silver so as to keep it under $17. 

A number of contract series will expire on COMEX next week, and keeping silver under $17 will inflect less pain on the miscreants managing precious metals.  Yesterday, I published an intraday market update on The News Doctors and you can click here to see a list of contracts that expire next week.




This morning, we were treated to yet more suspect trading.  As Dave Kranzler aptly noted, the “foul smell of desperation” is certainly in the air:  “Nearly 40 million ounces of paper silver were launched at the COMEX yesterday in the space of seven minutes, which triggered a 92 cent waterfall in the price of silver; over 118 million ounces of paper silver were dumped on the COMEX today (April 22) between 11 a.m. and noon EST

This market intervention typically occurs after the bona fide physical precious metals in the eastern hemisphere have shut down for the day.”  Click here for Kranzler’s full article.

Mr. Embry believes silver is kryptonite to the cartel.  It’s unclear where the necessary physical silver has been sourced to help affect the cartel’s price management over the last few years.  But the damage that has been wrought to future mine supply has already been “baked in the cake.” 

When institutional investors want to learn about what is going on in the mining and precious metals industry, many of them turn to Sprott for insight.  With this in mind, I asked Mr. Embry for his perspective on the degree to which the conventional money management world is starting to wake up. 

We even discussed whether or not a significant percentage of the institutional financial community might begin to question the audit standards and safety of allocated storage arrangements, and what sets Sprott trust products apart from other exchange traded products.  Tune into the show for more.

Next week will see EXTREME volatility and we’re setting up for an epic battle.  It appears the cartel is dead set on making sure silver stays below $17 as contracts go off the board next week.  They were successful in dragging down gold and silver over the latter part of this past week, but long buying interest remains ferocious.  Buckle-up!  Next week is going to be intense, and we are most likely going to take a hit. 

Regardless, this new phase of this precious metals bull market is alive and well, and it shouldn’t take more than the trading through the first week of May to repair any histrionics the cartel serves-up. 

During last month’s raids, the gold/silver ratio reached sky-high levels in the mid 80s and I noted at the time that we’d see a major reversal with a month as this new precious metals bull market unfolded. 

It’s happening, and the beautiful thing is that most of the conventional financial world remains in total denial – exactly what one would hope to see at the early stages of a bull run. 

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