Something’s Blown-Up In Financial Markets Already | Dave Kranzler

Something’s blown-up in the financial markets already, and Dave joins us for Metals & Markets this week to break-it all down…

Dave Kranzler of Investment Research Dynamics interviewed by James Anderson of SD Bullion

Greetings to all you Metals & Markets listeners out there.

Both gold and silver prices had solid showings this week. Ongoing bullion demand is reaching near 2019 highs in volumes both in buying bullion and selling bullion.

The spot gold price climbed over 40 bucks an ounce, and the gold spot price is closing around $1,340 fiat US dollars per troy ounce.

The spot silver price has finished the week just over the psychologically important $15 fiat Federal Reserve note mark per troy ounce.

The gold-silver ratio is still threatening 90, closing this week at 89.

In a few short moments, we’ll be back with this week’s guest, Mr. Dave Kranzler from Investment Research Dynamics, but first a quick word from our show’s sponsor.


Welcome back to this week’s Metals & Markets podcast. I am your host James Anderson of SD Bullion.

To start, we begin with some transparency. This week for me personally was running through the gauntlet of fully immigrating my immediate family and pets from the USA. And to be frank, it is a lot harder, expensive, and complicated than many “puff” Ex-Pat “plant multiple flags” newsletters might have you believe.

The moment I arrived at my new homestead this morning. I called this week’s guest, Mr. Dave Kranzler from Investment Research Dynamics, asking him to briefly give not only update for you all on his latest thoughts but also for myself, as I was busying moving everything this week and unable to stay on top of market news and ongoings.

I did see that Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell was in financial news early on this past week talking about how the Fed may soon begin cutting interest rates again. And that is where we will pick up on this casual discussion of financial markets ongoing with our returning guest, Mr. Dave Kranzler.

Dave, what is going on in US stock and the financial markets?

Yea, so you’re talking about direct intervention, propping up current financial market values on one end.

And then on the other end, direct intervention to keep the price of gold below that critical $1,400 price level.

You know just about six months ago Fed chair Jerome Powell was running around, posing as a hawk, claiming the Federal Reserve may keep raising interest rates.

And now here we are, a complete 180-degree turn, an about-face. Now Fed head Powell is talking about possibly cutting interest rates, again.

Recently you know, gold is looking pretty strong,

I would assume its mainly because Jay Powell is running his mouth about cutting rates. I mean you do that, gold is going to run like crazy, I presume.

It’s good that you explained a bit about the Eurodollar market (i.e., Eurodollars are time deposits denominated in U.S. dollars at foreign banks outside the United States, and thus are not under the jurisdiction of the Federal Reserve. Consequently, such deposits are subject to much less regulation than similar deposits within the U.S.).

I think people don’t understand how important that is, and the fact that the inversion probably means significant capital flows are moving and we don’t understand yet generally why.

Thanks to Dave and for you the listeners out there for tuning into this week’s Metals & Markets podcast.



About the Author/Interviewer

James Anderson has a BA in finance from Loyola University New Orleans. He has both worked and invested in the physical investment grade bullion markets prior to the 2008 global financial crisis.

James’ twitter is @JamesHenryAnd and he has authored SD Bullion’s complementary 21st Century Gold Rush Book.