Scandal Brewing as Metals Manipulation Cover-Up Nears Crital Point of Mainstream Awareness!


MM facebook bannerIn this week’s Metals & Markets, Ronald Mann, CEO of DNA Precious Metals joins Eric Dubin & The Doc to discuss:

  • Gold & silver’s anticipated correction likely largely over- look for the metals to rally after the initial cartel smash on next week’s FOMC statement
  • Poland nationalizes retirement funds- a preview of things to come in the US & Canada?
  • Ronald Mann gives an inside view to the relationships between gold & silver miners and the large refiners like Johnson Matthey and Heraeus.
  • The first tailings mine in North America scheduled to come on-line in early 2014- how the tailings method differs from traditional
  • Andrew Maguire reveals CFTC has been sitting on metals manipulation evidence for over 1 year, is the gold and silver market manipulation story about to reach a critical point and go mainstream like Libor manipulation in early 2012, as JP Morgan announces $2.5 B in new litigation reserves?

You won’t want to miss this special MUST LISTEN episode of the SD Weekly Metals & Markets!

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Editor’s Note from Ronald Mann:  DNA “may have” metal sales through Johnson Matthey.  The Montauban Mine was operated as a “silver” /gold mine in the late 1980’s.

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