Paul Craig Roberts: America’s Collapse Is So Advanced That Inflation Doesn’t Matter

The collapse is so advanced, that nothing can be done about it…

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts of the Institute for Political Economy interviewed by Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy Dr. Paul Craig Roberts joined Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart on Silver Doctors on Tuesday, May 18, 2021, for a robust discussion on several current events, including:

  • What is happening in America right now?
  • Isn’t America falling farther behind in skills like science & math?
  • What is happening in the Middle East right now, and what does it mean for America?
  • What is happening in the markets and the economy right now?
  • There’s lots of talk about universal basic income, welfare programs, reparations and all kinds of tax hikes, but where’s the talk about a debt jubilee?
  • What’s on the radar the most as we move through the summer months?

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