James Anderson from SDBullion tells us no fiat currency has survived in the long run. Could the Dollar’s fate already be written?

James Anderson interviewed on Silver Doctors

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A currency crisis is possible, Anderson says. The U.S.’s unfunded liabilities at net-present-value is $210 trillion. He sees the U.S. inflating its liabilities away, which will push down the value of the Dollar.

Anderson discusses investing in precious metals. He says the optimal proportion of gold in a portfolio has proven to be 25% over the last decades. Besides gold, what are the fundamentals for owning silver, platinum, and palladium? Stay tuned to find out!

Lastly, Anderson talks about cryptocurrencies. He discussed academic data driven studies revealing fraud in the Bitcoin ecosystem, and why Bitcoin cannot replace the financial system.





About the Interviewee

James Anderson has a BA in finance from Loyola University New Orleans. He has both worked and invested in the physical investment grade bullion markets prior to the 2008 global financial crisis.

James’ twitter is @JamesHenryAnd and he has authored SD Bullion’s complementary 21st Century Gold Rush Book.