Next Housing Crash Worse Than 2008? | Ben Jones

Real estate expert Ben Jones says another major correction in housing is just ahead. Real estate prices could fall even lower than last time. Here’s more…

Ben Jones of The Housing Bubble Blog interviewed by Elijah Johnson of Silver Doctors

Real estate expert Ben Jones says the 2008 Housing Bubble is still going on. If it is, we could see prices fall even lower than last time.

Speculation and over exuberance has reentered the real estate industry, he says and predicts a major correction ahead. “It’s popping right now.”

“You’re going to get foreclosures, you’re going to get a lot of them.” How will it compare to the last crash? “It could very well be worse than 2008.”

See the various gold and silver vs UK, Australia, and USA avg home prices for longer term valuations especially in the context of what happens if we see a repeat of the 1980 bullion bull market scenario.



About the Interviewer

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