Negative Interest Rates Are Coming: Here’s What To Know (And What To Do)

Winter is coming? Yeah, but the US may get negative interest rates first. Here’s what it means for gold, silver, the dollar, the markets & the economy…

Editor’s Note:

Don’t think this is coming?

Don’t think this is a big deal?

The “establishment”, Deep State, Globalists, and all other evil entities do not want this information being discussed without biased, much less getting out to people who have no idea that this is coming, so, as such, the uninformed masses will, sooner than later, lash out in mad rage at anything and everything all the while not understanding what is happening that is causing their madness.

The censorship is real and kicking, despite all the “they’re bringing change to stop the censorship of the alternative media” hype.

They’re not changing anything for the better.

On every level, things are only getting worse, and at a faster pace.

But wait, there’s more!

You see, not only are they still actively de-monetizing videos that actually serve a purpose, unlike the violence laden and drug infested videos that are fully monetized as they target teenagers and other minors, these types of censorship actions prevent useful videos from showing up in “recommended” video feeds, so if somebody is just learning about the economy and the markets, well, they have less of a chance of discovering what the true alternative-media is discussing – the real issues.

This video (you should really watch that’s embedded below) is a perfect case-in-point:

We must be close now.

To what is coming.

So very close.

Very little.



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Included in this week’s show:

  • President Trump’s call for negative interest rates
  • What is the fair value of gold if the debt is 2000% of GDP?
  • What’s up with the manipulation exposers vs manipulation deniers tug-of-war?
  • Savings and the banks

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