Morgan, Macleod, Murphy Round Table- Most Historic Mania Stampede in History By 2016?

David Morgan, Alasdair Macleod, & Bill Murphy join The Doc & Eric Dubin this week for a special Precious Metals Round Table edition of Metals & Markets, discussing: 

  • Is JPMorgan sourcing silver by the warehouseload- directly from the miners via financing global miners’ refining? 
  • Dhragonomics: ECB only 1 step behind Japan- paper fiat currencies on way to collapse in 2015
  • David Morgan: Fundamentals reflect $4800 current value in gold- physical shortage may develop in 2015-2016, resulting in a MASSIVE MANIC/PANIC stampede into metals & mining shares– something could lite a match to the gasoline filled warehouse of this market tomorrow!
  • Alasdair Macleod: Dollar strength distorting the picture- Gold has doubled vs Ruble in past year, all hell is breaking loose across the currency markets- 2015 will be the year for gold
  • Why the short sellers CANNOT be taken down by standing for delivery is the entire game RIGGED?
  • Bill Murphy: Gold and silver may just Go Bonkers in 2015!  When this blows, we will have the MOST HISTORIC MOVE IN HISTORY

You won’t want to miss the Power Packed Special Edition of Metals & Markets With David Morgan, Alasdair Macleod, & Bill Murphy breaking down whats in store for gold and silver in 2015 and beyond:

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Another week has come and gone, and even with the dollar rising for most of this week the precious metals sector has been holding up well, bouncing back from cartel attacks as well as what looked like a garden variety correction mid-weak as I described over on our Facebook page (those of you not on Facebook can see the post at TND; click here, and be sure to click on the comment “cartoon bubble” to see all the follow-up charts/comments).

We covered a lot of ground on this week’s special Round Table.  Rather than rehash the finer points I will instead point you towards an interesting discussion about the potential impacts that can develop given the energy sector’s exposure to the high yield credit market.  David Morgan and Greg Hunter produced a truly outstanding interview earlier this week, and it’s well worth your listening time.  Consider it a “twofer.”  Click here to listen.  The rest of Morgan’s conversation with Hunter relates well with much of what we discussed during our round table.


The next Fed Open Market Committee meeting will be held January 27-28.  We’ll probably see the cartel try to pressure metals around that time.  But as for the very near-term and for the month on the whole, odds are January is going to continue to see precious metals appreciating.  The pattern of clawing back after several declines over the last few weeks continues, and we discuss this during the Round Table.

The March FOMC meeting will include the added dog and pony show of Yellen’s press conference.   That ought to be interesting timing because by that time, we should start to see more indication with what the ECB will do on the quantitative easing front, and the overall market should be better reflecting what might be the fallout coming down the pike given the energy sector’s junk bond financing.  I contend that the conventional financial world really hasn’t come to terms with just how big that turd in the punchbowl truly is.  Not everyone on Wall Street follows the alternative media like ZeroHedge, after-all.  In fact, I got into a bit of a debate about how banking stocks have yet to really telegraph the problem over on Jim Sinclair’s Facebook page and for those of you that have FB accounts, you can click here and scroll down to find my posting of the Morgan/Hunter conversation.


GOFO returned to positive territory.  It wouldn’t surprise me in the least to see the cartel back-off for a while leading up to the next FOMC meeting later this month.  That would give the physical market stress that GOFO is indicating some time to repair, perhaps only to see the cartel magically find some physical to help facilitate capping management later this month — but at higher prices.  Time will tell, but that sequence does make sense given how GOFO and gold have been trading.

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For weekend reading on the geopolitical front, check out Robert Parry’s “NYT Still Pretends No Coup In Ukraine” and Chris Martenson’s “The Road To War With Russia.”  Dr. Ron Paul also published a meaty essay:  “Ron Paul: My Predictions For 2015; Inner City Turmoil And Other Crises.”  Even if you don’t find yourself in agreement with Dr. Paul in general, you still will find the essay interesting.

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Have a great weekend — Eric Dubin

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