Jim Willie’s 2018 Forecasts – De-Dollarization Accelerating And A Big Silver Announcement

Jim Willie tells Silver Doctors that the de-dollarization will continue in 2018, plus, there’s a big announcement coming for silver…

Jim Willie of Golden Jackass interviewed by Elijah Johnson of Silver Doctors

The Dollar has been the world reserve currency for decades, but the increase of non-Dollar trade is threatening the Dollar’s dominance.

If China purchases a stake in Aramco, then Willie expects China to win the right to pay for Saudi oil in RMB. That would be a “fatal blow” to the petrodollar.

Willie touches on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. “I think it’s going to be very difficult to stop the crypto movement,” he says. “Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin – they’re for real. But so is the risk.”

Lastly, Willie warns about investing in smaller mining stocks. However, he sees a bright future for physical silver and select mining companies. “We’re going to see silver announced as the center of some new next generation energy systems.”