Jim Willie: Trump’s Wildcard Is The US Military, Tribunals Coming

There’s a “hot war” between the NSA White Hats and the Deep State, and you won’t believe who Jim says the good guys may have just taken out…

Jim Willie of Golden-Jackass interviewed by Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

Welcome back to Part II.

Click here for Part I: About That Data

Part II begins with Jim giving some background on the Supreme Court, and Jim speculates how the court may have become compromised. Why does this matter? Because Jim says there will be pressure on the Supreme Court, the likes of which we’ve never seen before.

In Part II, Jim is very optimistic with his outlook.

Additionally, Jim says –

  • The US Military is behind President Trump.
  • Trump will win reelection after a month’s long fight.
  • Trump may order a new election in March.
  • Trump may declare the major mainstream media outlets as treasonous.

But that’s not all Jim says in the hard-hitting second half of the interview, so be sure to tune-in to the discussion in its entirety!