Jim Willie: Holding US Economy Hostage As Experiment Goes Horribly Wrong

It began about eight or nine months ago. The forces of good & evil noticed. The US economy is being held hostage, but the Patriots are winning. Jim explains…

Jim Willie of Golden-Jackass interviewed by Half Dollar of Silver Doctors

The system began breaking down about eight or nine months ago, and both the forces of good and of evil noticed. The US economy is being held hostage, but the Patriots are winning, Jim explains…

Jim Willie joined Half Dollar today for a robust discussion on a variety of topics from discussion on the economic shutdown of the US to how we come out of this social and financial crisis not only in-tact, but winning!

Some of the things discussed in today’s show include (presented in the form of questions):

What in the world is going on with the lockdowns, the shutdowns, the re-opening, and this in general?

The US economy is being held hostage?

This is the biggest scandal in modern history, even bigger than world WWII?

What is to become of the US economy?

The good guys are winning, and will win?

What will become of the future for humans to get out of the rout we’re in?

For discussion of those topics, and a whole lot more, tune-in to this interview in its entirety.

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