Jim Willie Bombshell: China & Russia Have Accumulated Over 40,000 Tons of Gold Reserves for USD Replacement!

willie In the first of two EXPLOSIVE interviews with SD,  Hat Trick Letter editor Jim Willie gave some of his BOLDEST & MOST SHOCKING PREDICTIONS EVER for SD listeners:

  • Willie dissects the Holy Grail Gazprom gas deal, which he states is an OPEN DOOR for the dumping of Treasury bonds in exchange for energy
  • Russia Liquidating T-bonds through Euroclear in Belgium to acquire gold
  • Big Surprise Coming for London Boys: Frankfurt to Become Financial Hub For All of Europe & Asia– Willie reveals insider details
  • Large sovereigns (Russia, China, India, Saudi Arabia) now working together to source massive gold reserves for gold-backed USD replacement
  • China & Russia Have Accumulated Over 40,000 Tons of Gold Reserves for USD Replacement!!

Jim Willie’s Full MUST LISTEN interview with The Doc is below:



The Doc asked Jim for details on the Eurasian Trade Zone:


  • Energy pipelines serve as skeleton and corral, a commitment of important supply
  • Also like a captured zone dependent upon Russian energy supply
  • Long-term energy deals and commitments will form the glue
  • Greatest success has been the growing list of BRICS Assoc nations signing up
  • Payments for energy will be in Chinese Yuan and Russian Ruble
  • Funds in actual payment in huge amounts of USTreasury Bonds (aka Indirect Exchange)
  • Uniform inspection protocol, electricity & computer standards, approved company lists 
  • Strange effect of luring Chinese RMB trade will work to avert Russian sanctions
  • Cannot piss off Chinese without causing Russian energy cutoff
  • Competition brewing for RMB Hub centers in London and Frankfurt
  • Obstructions of South Stream will soon result in test case partial cutoffs (like to Italy)
  • Watch Germany for key developments
  • Frankfurt has 40 new funding and investment deals, the new capital formation mass
  • Frankfurt will become the new financial hub for all of Europe and Asia!


The Doc then asked Willie to elaborate on his theory of the Belgium Bulge of USTreasury Bonds, as potential evidence of a massive gold sourcing by the BRICS: 


  • Russian USTBond dumping is obvious, maybe some from China also
  • List of other nations in bond dumps is long, & includes India, Saudis, Iran
  • Other explanation is PIIGS nations movement of USTB ahead of Basel III obstacles
  • JPMorgan knows how to conceal USTBond purchases by central banks (hmmm!)
  • Large sovereign(s) are protecting a massive futures contract like on COMEX & LBMA
  • Suspected sovereigns (Russia, China, India, Saudi, Japan, even Iran) 
  • Could include a collateralized grab of GLD fund also, but much smaller factor
  • Margin call activity seems evident, producing more collateral every month
  • Larger contract put in place, requiring more collateral toward growing gold source
  • Has the look, feel, smell, and earmarks of gigantic BRICS Gold Central Bank source
  • $1bn buys 25 tons gold, so $400bn buys 10,000 tons gold
  • Figure only part of $400bn to be linked to gold sourcing, but leverage active also
  • Visible with EuroClear in Belgium could be duplicated as ClearStream in Germany
  • Might be another Teutonic Bulge but better hidden in Germany 
  • We could be witnessing also the dissolution of the entire IMF pledge scheme
  • Possible conversion of IMF pledges into Gold source
  • The IMF is dead but not yet buried, fund depleted, just a bank asset seizure tool
  • The IMF super sovereign basket going nowhere, with no lead support or initiative
  • Jackass suspects official BRICS Development Bank is to be a hidden gold central bank.


Check back this weekend for a special Metals & Markets with Ron Paul, an exclusive interview with Eric Sprott, as well as the second interview with Jim Willie, which features the most shocking claim The Golden Jackass has ever made in his illustrious market forecasting career!


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